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Testimonies for Jesus from Prisoners on Death Row

David Johnston

My name is David (Ty) Eugene Johnston, I am on death row here in Florida now going on 17 years.

May this letter find you healthy, and your friends too
in joyful spirits.

I have no family, my family abandoned me when I
was ten years of age. I suffered physical torture,
abuse, psychological cruelty, inhuman mistreatment,
and willful emotional neglect.

I truly have nobody. No one to help or care about me.
Nobody to show me any love and affection I need. No
friends, no person to write to. I do not receive any
visitors, I absolutely just do not have anyone.

The only greatest love and affection and care and friend
I honestly do have is God (Jesus) My Savior.

I would like to share with you all how I found God.

All my life I was abused. I was nearly killed several times
as a child by my own mother and father- from their physical beatings. I was abused by my brothers and sisters. I never had emotional support, encouragement, guidance, love and all the rest that goes with with being a child.

My father raped me as a young child. I was really sad and hurt and disappointed. I never received any gifts nor Christmas gifts from my family.

My life became filled with alcohol and drugs, as I was sleeping on the streets at a young age. Not caring about people's feelings.
I was hurting.

I have never been given the actual chance in life. I have no education, because due to the severe beatings, they kept me out of school and secretly locked inside of the bedroom closet, with a lock on the door so I couldn't come out of the closet.

I was deprived of food, clothes and medical treatment.

The little education I do have is by my self learnings and teachings.

I have tried to kill myself, only to awaken in the ICU and recover.

I trusted easily and they took whatever innocence that I had.

I let people abuse me, it was the only way I knew. I became even more confused, lonely and heartsick. I have tried to end my life several times here on death row: taking pills, cutting my wrists, and attempted to  hang myself, because I thought I had nobody to
live for, and nobody would care if I did kill myself. Nobody would miss me.

Then I tried several religions, all the way to Islamic, trying to find God. But I wasn't finding God through prayers and reading religious materials, and still felt lonely.

The thought entered my head: nobody loves me, wants me, cares about me, needs me, not even God. I had no money, or warm clothes,  or good food, or hygiene, received no letters or visitors, and nobody wants to help me. I am just worthless. I cried a lot, not even other
death row inmates cared about me.

So on December 1999, I had a brand new razor blade, and in tears and sick hearted, I pressed the razor blade up against the right side of my neck with my right hand, closed my eyes and I yelled out "Forgive me God".

Suddenly, something slapped my hand very hard, knocking the razor blade from my hand, and forcing my hand outward and completely away from my neck.

I reopened my eyes and I saw this Bright Glow of Light inside the cell
with me. I heard this Voice say to me,
"I AM THE WAY, Nobody can come to My Father but only through ME.
Islamic isn't the way,
Batinism isn't the way,
Baptist isn't the way,
Buddha isn't the way,
Catholic isn't the way,
Pentecost isn't the way,
killing yourself isn't the way,

I kneeled down to the cold concrete cell floor and bowed down and prayed. I went to God in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ. I repented of all and every sin I committed. And repented every commandment
of God's laws I violated. Repented of every lie I had told, every profanity I used, repented of all the people I had hurt emotionally, by stealing their property, repented of all the drugs and alcohol I had used, repented for misusing my body, repented for trying to kill myself.

I asked God to forgive my family of all the terrible things they did to me, and I told God I am tired of living my life my way, and want to live my life God's way. I gave God control of my life, and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, into my life, into my soul, into my mind, and into my spirit as God's Son and as my Saviour.

I am happy now, I don't feel lonely nor sick hearted anymore. I get a visit every day and every night, when I pray to God!! God Loves me, Jesus Loves me and cares about me, and needs me, and wants me.
And is my best Friend. Amen

I have peace, I read the Bible every day and I love God with all of my mind, heart, soul, life, and spirit.

I no longer care about being cold in here, I don't care about having no radio, or television, I don't care about having no shoes, or nobody to love or care for me, or visit me, or help me, or write me. I no longer care about hunger pains, or sores on my feet, or poor health.

Why? I have God!! Jesus' Love is so beautiful!! No more worries, no pains in my heart, no more sick heartness, no more loneliness, no more sorrows, no more feelings of blue. I know real peace and love!

For Jesus Christ, I write three words: "I LOVE YOU."

He really does love me too.

Thank you all for reading my letter
and may God Bless you
You are all in my prayers.

Your Brother in Christ
David (Ty)

David E. Johnston # A084761
U.C.I.     P1124-A1
P.O. Box 221
Raiford, Florida 32083