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Eleanor Bliss Wells' Journal

from her  "The Lord is my Shepherd" Journal

Eleanor Bliss Wells' "The Lord is my Shepherd" Journal was a Christmas gift from her husband Raymond on Christmas 1999,and She wrote these writings during the year 2000. Eleanor went to be with the Lord in 2004.


Dear Jesus,

Heal me, Save my soul, forgive my sins, make me whole, amen

Jesus - Let Your Beauty be seen in me. Let my spiritual wisdom increase.

Help me Lord Jesus to "Lookup" to You. Let me not be full of self, but full of You, so others may see You in me.


Let me not remember what You (Lord) have already forgotten.


Lord help me always to be a Blessing to others.


Jesus let my mind & heart dwell continually on this scripture: ( Philippians 4:8 - Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report: if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.)


I ask you to forgive me for all the times in the past that I have had evil thoughts & spread gossip, only to hurt You & Your children Lord. I am sorry. Please tell the ones I have hurt that I am sorry. I now love those whom I have hurt in the past. Lord I want to keep my mind stayed on You. Amen, Amen.



Lord we love and do pray for all Your children worldwide. Give them wisdom & spiritual understanding.


Dear Jesus - Make me Your instrument. Remove every trace of selfishness from me. Help me always to remember that the only power that I have is in LOVE. Help me to meet others' needs by showing them You, Jesus. The harvest is waiting for us. "Pray ye".


Help me Lord to demonstrate my conviction today & everyday. Amen

Lord - help me to weather the storms of opposition. Amen


Jesus - may Your Light always guide me through this dimension & every other dimension until I find my home in Heaven with You.


There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. The friend of friends - Jesus.


Be an example, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. "Be one" - be a choice sample.


Jesus' Tears were Real - the Tears of God - when He wept over Jerusalem. What about our concern for a needy world? Do we have compassion that brings us to tears? Do you have "seeing eyes" & a "weeping heart" as you behold the people living in your "city"?


Help me to see God & not the circumstances. Let me keep my eyes on God; not "things." Someone has said "Those who leave everything in God's Hand will eventually see God's Hand in everything." Amen



We Praise You & Thank You for all things, that only You Lord can receive The Glory; not humans.


Lord give me peace to handle any situation I may encounter so that I may give all Honor & Glory to You. Amen. Amen.



The greatest legacy anyone of us can leave is the legacy of Love.



"He is our peace" Eph 2:14

Let not your heart be troubled for Jesus is our peace.

Jungle tribesmen said "Jesus will make your heart sit down."



Lord, let us know you better so that we may enjoy the fruits of the spirit that are so elusive to us at times.



Jesus I commit myself totally to You so that I may inherit all gifts that You have promised.


(The Divine Workman) is shaping you (on Earth) so that you will fit in up there (Heaven). All the cutting & chiseling (trials & temptations) we suffer on Earth will be worth it all in Heaven. Our spiritual house is built to exact specifications. Jesus is the Master Builder.



Jesus let Your Spirit of Truth enter into me & bind You to me eternally. Let me Love others through You. I can do nothing of myself; but only through Your Love. Amen. Amen.


Holy Communion:

Bread = Jsus' Love

Wine = Jesus' Truth


Before each meal be sure you are thinking thoughts of Love. Say a prayer of thanksgiving to The Lord - not just blessing the food. During the meal make only positive, uplifting conversation with others.


I pray Lord to be always glad in You. Give me Your Holy Spirit Jesus; Your Joy makes me glad spiritually. I do not want to depend on "worldly goods" to make me happy. Thank you Jesus for filling me each day with Your Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen.


Wait prayerfully; expect trustingly.


We pray for Your Holy Spirit to dwell in us always. May Your Spirit be in us & through Your Spirit Love others. Amen. Amen.


While God is awake I am not afraid.


In order to go to Heaven you must have The Holy Spirit of Jesus in you.


I pray for The Holy Spirit to come into me & save me.



Lord Jesus, Bless this food & drink with Your Own Holy Spirit, and let it transmit Your Holy Spirit to my flesh, so that Your Holy Spirit can speak through me and walk in me. In Your Name I pray. Amen.

We cannot go to Heaven without The Holy Spirit, that is why Jesus came to Earth, to give us The Holy Spirit.



Why do I love You, Jesus? Because You are Goodness itself. I Love You not because of what You do; but because of Your qualities - Gentle, Meek, Kind, Loving, Forgiving.


As we follow Jesus, keeping our eyes on Him, He provides for & protects us. To follow Him (Jesus) we must take our eyes off our feet, (our lower, lowest understanding) & follow Him with our eyes (spiritual understanding).



Trust Jesus at all times. Hang tightly to Him when you're going through a "spiritual" carlsbad cavern experience.


Be willing to Trust the Faithfulness of God. The secret of Faith is to study The Word of God & believe its Precious Promises. Faith sees the way; not obstacles.


Merciful Father Thank You for enveloping us in Your Steadfast Love.


Intercession for loved ones, friends, our avenues of service, etc. - is a privilege.


Dear Jesus,

We Love You for what You are - Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, let Your Holy Spirit come & abide in me forever. I am nothing and can do nothing without Your Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen.


Love is the Glory that glows in my soul!


"When the praises go up; The Glory comes down."


Our spiritual heritage is much more important to pass on to the next generation than our "worldly" goods.


God invites us & assures us of our worth.


The pathway of prayer leads us back to Jesus. When we find Him, we are completely satisfied.


God of Eternal Grace, help all this day who find life difficult.


Old age with its declining health & strength may be God's gift, calling us to reflect upon life & what awaits those who seek the Wisdom of Divine Revelation.



God of Love & Grace, We Thank You for Your Blessings in Life & for the Promise of New Life in the world to come. Amen.


Do we emulate Jesus? Is what we do concurrent with what we say? What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say. "You may be the only Bible that someone will ever read."



Prayer for Caregivers:

Jesus, Thank You for those who take care of others who are unable to look after themselves. Bless them with patience & a Loving Spirit that will in turn make them a blessing to those they serve. Amen.


Lord teach me daily to listen to Your Call. Tune my "spiritual ears" & open my "spiritual eyes" to Your Leading. In Your Holy Spirit I pray. Amen.


Three things I ask Lord- Love, Righteousness, & Truth.

Thank You Lord Jesus that You have heard and answered my prayer.




Lord, I claim John 14:27 as my song in the night - "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."


More than your ability, talents, money or possessions, the Lord wants you.


From your life, He will bring forth sweet Heavenly music to bless a needy world.


"Little is much if God is in it." We may feel that we have little that God can use, but insignificant as it may seem, placed in God's Hands it can become a blessing to multitudes.



Perhaps He (Jesus) is saying to you today, "Take your eyes off your problems, your circumstances, your needs & look up. Then your feet will follow your eyes, & you will follow Me."



Perfect are the wind stains of a melody.


Selfishness does not bring peace or joy. Victory & power will come as we sweetly submit our wills & ways to God. This is not easy. But great blessing comes in returning & submitting.


Jesus I ask You to cleanse me of every evil spirit & give me Spiritual Wisdom to meet this responsibility you have given me. I know that You have heard my prayer & are now sending Holy Angels to strengthen me spiritually. Amen. Amen.



As He moves upon our lives through trials, the result is Gold. "We are receiving exactly what we would request if we could see as God sees."


Why did God make Heaven? So that we might live in eternal Joy. As you live through trials, adversities, heartaches while you are alive on earth; you must do so with Joy so that you will be Joyful when you draw your last breath here. Joyful = Joyland.


Let the fresh seed of the Gospel get into the Soul, so that the warmth of God's Love can nurture it, to bring forth new life.

Gelatin conforms to the shape of mold into which it is poured. Similarly the heat of adversity may be necessary to soften the hard places in our lives so that we may be conformed to the image of Jesus.


Mary found a resting place, a place of fellowship with Him, a place to Hear His Voice, a place of instruction. Sitting at His Feet we listen to Him, Love Him, finding peace & refreshment. "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11:28) What does this mean? A little girl answered: "It means He wants me." Enough said!


He may not deliver us from our problems, but He will go through them with us, and in His time and way He will deliver us out of them.



Often, in trying to convince others of the value of our insight, we can become quite invasive. The others may not be where we are "at" on the journey of life. We need to relate in a non-invasive way. Teach us God, to deal gently and respectfully with our neighbors, as Jesus did.


The source of true Joy is The Lord Himself. Peaceful circumstances do not bring true joy, but the joy of The Lord is constant and enduring day after day, regardless of the circumstances about us.



Nine Angels Known as the Fruit of the Spirit:

The angel of: Love

The angel of: Joy

The angel of: Peace

The angel of: Patience

The angel of: Kindness

The angel of: Goodness

The angel of: Faithfulness

The angel of: Gentleness

The angel of: Self-control



Joy is a fruit of the spirit, and without it we are not complete Christians.


Evil spirits will flee when you keep repeating the Name "Jesus".



Faith - You must have it to get to Heaven, as well as the other fruits of the spirit. There is no room for doubt. Be a little child standing on a table and the daddy tells the child to jump and he will catch them. The child trusts the daddy to catch them. God wants us to just Trust Him and jump into His Arms. Just Trust Him and leave every detail to Him. He knows much more than we ever will; even if we studied for trillions of years.




Jesus Loves You - means this spiritually - The Truths of Love protect you. (If you have the Holy Spirit in you)


The battle is the Lord's.


Every time you sin, you are nailing Jesus to the cross, Stop sinning!


The cross is the reminder and symbol that Jesus Loves You.


To understand The Glory of God is to understand His Divine Goodness: as He blesses, preserves, Loves, envelopes you with His protection of Goodness.


If you want to understand God better think of:

"Infinite Dynamic Glory."


God showed me these Scriptures today:

Ps 27:1 - The Lord is my Light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the Strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Ps 27:13 - I would have lost heart; unless I had believed that I would see the Goodness of The Lord in the Land of the Living.

Ps 27:14 - Wait on The Lord; be of good courage, and He shall Strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on The Lord!


Keep a song in your heart. Singing gives you inward Joy and drives out evil spirits.


Water gardens survive April showers and worse, and I will too, by God's Grace and Help.



If our lives were but more simple, we should take Him at His Word; and our lives would be all sunshine in the sweetness of Our Lord.


Truly rest and be glad in The Love of Jesus no matter what your concerns may be. Thank Him for the "Light of Life" that He promised to shine on your path.


Rejoice for The Lord Brings back His own.


Give God Thanks for His acceptance of us just as we are. As we respond in simple faith to Him, we will find "all that we need," not only for our personal salvation, but also for the particular place of service that He has for us.




Jesus says: "I AM the Way Out!"


Forgiveness - When you forgive someone, you remove from them evil thoughts that have been transmitted to them by you. Unless you forgive others, you cannot be forgiven by Jesus. Jesus will give

you all things but you must first remove all bitterness & anger against others who have wronged you.


Saving Faith is more than a commitment to a church, doctrine or creed.  It is a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.


"In Jesus" - Robert Harkness/James Procter written by a former atheist. I've tried in vain a thousand ways my fears to quell, my hopes to raise; but what I need, The Bible says, is ever only Jesus.



A friend in name only

Always leaves you lonely

But a friend indeed

Comforts every need.

What a Friend we have in Jesus!


This is just adios and not goodbye for I AM with you till the end of the world. Your True Friend- Jesus.

P.S. Love will keep us together.



He said "Walk" but I want to "Run". He said "Look" but I see the Son. He said "Peace" and I see the "Glory". And I feel the Joy. He said "Walk", He said "get up and Walk". Glory! I'm gonna run, to Jesus.


He said "Come on in". I said "but where's the door?" He said "Look at me, that's what I'm for." He said "I'm not only The Lord of Glory" "But I AM The Door of Glory." - Jesus


Don't forget whose taking you Home and in Whose Arms you're gonna be. So Darlin save the last dance for Me. Darlin I Love you oh so much - Jesus.


Lord help my mind to be organized like Your Word, The Bible.


The story of Martha the worker and Mary the worshiper (Luke 10:38-42) illustrates an important spiritual principle. We please our Lord most when we learn to sit at His Feet in adoration and worship before trying to serve Him in our own strength. Sitting implies our humble dependence on Him and a sense of quietness of soul that indicates our willingness to hear. We can become so busy with life's pursuits, even worthy Christian activities, that we do not hear the still small Voice of God.


A Christian is...

A mind through which Christ thinks;

A heart through which Christ Loves;

A voice through which Christ speaks;

A hand through which Christ helps -

(author unknown)


Prayer: I still have times when I don't want to take the time to pray. God I ask You, please help me to want to do what I know is right, In Your Holy Spirit I pray. Amen. Amen.


Raymond asked The Lord "What is Eleanor?" The Lord said "She is The daylight of the Earth."


Raymond asked The Lord for another Name for me - He (Jesus) said "Tell Eleanor: She is My Beauty."


Jesus, The Lord God Almighty, told Raymond to repeat this constantly until He returns:

"The Joy of The Lord is my Strength."


In Your Infinite Dynamic Glory

I Pray. Amen. Amen.


We are branches of Jesus,

The True Vine Jesus showed us that:

Raymond = John 15:12 - "This is My Commandment, that you Love one another as I have Loved You."


Eleanor = John14:27 - "Peace I leave with you, My Peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

Jesus Loves You

spiritually means: The Truths of Love Protect you.


"Infinite Dynamic Glory"

The Glory of God is: Love, Wisdom, Righteousness, Holiness, Peace, Joy.



Dear Jesus - I Pray You will give me to abide with me forever Angels of: Joy, Optimism,

Boldness, Hope,

Confidence, Faith,

Compassion, Perception,

Grace, Obedience,

Wisdom, Meekness,

Righteousness, Holiness,

Humility, Peace,

Endurance, Purity,

Testimony, Assurance,

Innocence, Courage,

Glory, Goodness,

Forgiveness, Mercy,

Love, Understanding,


Amen. Amen.