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I was lifted up into Heaven,

 I left this world and came back

July 27, 2013 - about 6:10 pm est

This is a True Story


I am a Woman of 55 years of age and My name is Kyisha Garner.

Increasingly stress has been building up, because of a number of things, and worry has been taking a great toll on me, and now having physical health issues.

I want to be brief in relating some of these issues. My entire life has been a rollercoaster of stress and grief. My father was an unemployed alcoholic, and my mother a nervous wreck. I don’t have a lot of good memories. In my early teens I was sexually assaulted, then abusive relationships.

More recently, my husband passed away, leaving me alone and consumed with grief. My daughter died of cancer, leaving me four grand children to care for. My oldest grand child began to act out, and turn to: drugs, violence, crime and even threatening me. Then my 81 year old mother, fell and broke her hip, had surgery, and I was left to be her in home, care giver. Her strong medications caused her to do and say things to me, that added great stress to me. Then my second oldest grand child……went out of control.

With all this, I went to a doctor. This doctor gave me three prescriptions. One of which had a warning paper describing some serious side effects. Such as heart attack, stroke, and internal bleeding, etc.

I thought, watch me be the one of the five percent of people, who will be effected by these side effects. I have not taken any prescribed medication in over 20 years.

I took the medication and after about 15 minutes, I began to feel very ill. I felt dizzy and sick. I walked out into the yard and it was hard to breathe. I felt intense heat from my heart spreading up my neck, down my arm, through my body and down my legs. I tried not to show it, because I had company at my home and my grand children were there. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. My whole body started to shake. I had pain in my head. I barely made it back to a chair and sat down. My grandson Ethan, had the talking Bible downloaded on his computer tablet. And I asked Ethan to go to the 23rd Psalm on the talking tablet.


As the 23rd Psalm was being read….. I felt my spirit begin to leave my body. I had no fear, but was very peaceful. I was dying.

My spirit was lifting up out of the body ascending upwards beyond the ceiling and past the trees…ever upward…..…..Upward ……..until I began to hear the most beautiful songs. A chorus of angels, singing the most beautiful songs. The songs seemed to be coming from every corner of Heaven, that I was ascending up into. Then I noticed I was weightless. My thoughts were not of the body, or that I had left the body.

Everything I began to see had beautiful rainbow colors. In every direction there was no end. It seems I could see into infinity……and there was no end of the beauty. I felt a Love that words could never describe. It filled me as air fills the lungs… me life.

As I looked around, beyond time and space….I realized I was not alone, but Angels and Heavenly hosts that worship before the throne of God, made themselves known to me. They were singing a song I had never heard before, in a language, I could understand, but never heard before. It was the language of God.

I saw: birds, flowers, trees, rivers, and more things than I can name, all of the creations of God. And there was Love, Peace and a real Oneness with all of these, that I cannot explain.

I could smell roses, the most wonderful aroma I cannot fully describe. And everything was colored like a rainbow. Everything was in order. I knew I had been there before. I knew it was my real home.

As I realized I had no human body, I also realized I was alive more than ever before. More alert to every detail, more a tuned to all life around me. And I had no thoughts of earth, time, or people on the earth.

I felt a oneness with all that was there, like I had always been there, in this place of Love and Peace.

I was aware of God, Jesus, The Angels and all the Heavenly Hosts, like they were part of me. Part of my own eyes, mind and heavenly body.

I felt no evil there.

I could hear every thought and knew everything. I knew all that I was experiencing, was for me. Everything was rejoicing for me.

My spirit, my heart and my mind was being rejuvenated, as a new creature in God. My slate was wiped clean from stress, fear and worry.

As I looked into infinity, without end. I was shown things to come. Everything was renewed in me, my hope and my faith, became steadfast. I felt like I had been in this place forever.

I could hear the voice of God: He said: “You are… and You will be…. have no fear for I AM Always with you….. time without end…… Remember this!”

At this point, My spirit returned to my body in the chair instantly. I could feel my 12 year old grandson Ethan’s hand in mine, I felt his head upon my knee. And I heard his prayers. He said, please God don’t let her leave me.

My other hand was raised up and I could feel another hand in mine, not of this earth. I could feel the hand of God in my hand. It was the hand of power, strength, Love and Peace without measure.

Slowly I could feel my spirit placed back into my body…I opened my eyes and could see My Grand children and Maria (my God send child) looking at me with tears in their eyes. All were praying for me.

They told me that for 50 minutes, my body had grown cold to the touch. My Lips turned dark purple, My skin white as snow…they were sure I was gone.

The relief I saw in their faces, I will never forget.

I felt their love and it was overwhelming. Then my son and a friend of many years arrived, and said, ”you just can’t go, you are our angel”.

Now I am renewed. I have no fear. I know to whom I belong and where I belong. My life has never been my own. I am loved by all God’s creation. And I know that all God’s Children are part of me, and I part of them. I know about this Oneness. I know the Oneness.

My God lives, and His Kingdom is more real than we know. Today, I went to Heaven and came back again. I feel like I have been reborn. I want to sing…He Lives…He Lives…and He is Coming …..Praise God!

All the while my spirit was out of the body, the 23rd psalm was being read over and over on Ethan’s computer tablet, sweet words, words of life, words that will Forever be etched upon my heart.

I know now…that I have never been separated from My Father. And the Love of My Family has been forever sealed…in my spirit. While I was there, I realized there is no looking back…only looking forward.

He Lives, and He has revealed to me that: Love is God……and God is Forever. There is no end. All God’s Children said: Amen….Glory to God.