Everything that has ever happened to you, from the time you are born, until you die, affects your happiness. Every event has affected your happiness. Every person you have known has affected your happiness. Every book you have read, every movie you have watched, has affected your happiness. Every news show you have watched has affected your happiness.

Every song, every flower, has affected your happiness. In fact, every thing that has happened to you, or that you have had contact with…. has affected your happiness. Every thought you have had, every act you have done, has affected your happiness.

What you don’t understand is: your Eternal Happiness is the Goal that God has for you. This is the thing God wants for you: Happiness. And God knows how, to give you Eternal Happiness. Everything we do or say to, or about others…… affects their happiness. There is such a thing as collective happiness.

The ten commandments are really designed to give us happiness, and happiness to others.


Thou shall not Kill, or thou shall not steal, is telling us, when a person kills or steals, it makes other people unhappy. And it also makes the Person doing these things unhappy...inside.

Thou shall honor thy father and mother, is telling us, when we honor our father and mother, we are making them happy, and when we do not honor our father and mother it makes them unhappy.

Guilt causes us to be unhappy. We feel shame because of sin. This shame and guilt is removed by God‘s Love. Knowing that God Still Loves you…is the key to happiness. Knowing that you have made mistakes, and done the wrong things…and yet you are still greatly beloved by God…your creator. Jesus came to reveal to us the Great Love of God. Jesus came to Save us from being eternally unhappy. That is Jesus’ mission on earth.

The happiness of your spirit is the only important thing…. in your life. Both now and forever.


Adam and Eve lost their happiness when they disobeyed God….yet over time their happiness was restored, when they finally realized that: God Still Loved them, as much as He always Loved them. God’s Love does not change or fluctuate. But our happiness changes as we do things and say things, and affected by everything in the world.

Once we realize that God (our creator).. LOVES US COMPLETELY, we will be happy forever.

Doubting that God loves you..…makes you unhappy.


We are spirits in human bodies, and when we die and leave the body behind, we are spirits.

Spirits can be happy or unhappy. The only important thing a spirit can have is happiness.


Jesus said “My Joy I give to you”. Joy means Happiness. Jesus gave His Happiness to us. Jesus does this by taking away our fear and guilt and shame, and restoring us to faith… that we are truly loved by God.

Our words and actions affects the happiness of others. That is why we should do everything we can to make others happy. And avoid doing anything that makes others unhappy.

Never hurt the feelings of another person.

Never speak evil or bad of another person.

Never think bad thoughts about another person.

God Loves them……. Why can’t we?

God Forgives……Why can’t we?

God makes people happy…Why can’t we?

God overlooks mistakes and sin…and loves anyway…Why can’t we?


Let us make others happy….…giving them unconditional Love……..and we will be happy too.