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61. Awakening from the dream of separation

62. Your life in the world is an illusion

63. Identify with your reality

64. In every dimension of unreality, you need emotional protection

65. Your spiritual home is the awareness that you comprehend

66. Simultaneous corresponding dimensions

67. You are composed of all Angels

68. Don't hold your brethren in prison

69. The Sun the Moon and the Earth

70. The spiritual union of Man and Woman

71. How to keep your True Love

72. The Truth of Oneness

73. Trust in God

74. Worldly understanding and worldly doctrines

75. Walking the Rainbow Trail

76. There are only two types of thought concerning God

77. The Mind

78. It is only an illusion to believe that people are different

79. So you think you Love Jesus

80. Children teach Innocence and Divine Honesty

61. Awakening from the Dream of Separation

Regaining divine awareness of divine reality, restores you to your right mind and awakens you from the dream of separation.

Divine reality is the eternal truth concerning: "Who and What you are".

Unless you are aware of your divine reality, then you do not know yourself. You do not know who or what you are.

The world is not your divine reality. Your physical body is not you. Your worldly personality is not you. The world is only an illusion. It is only an illusion to think that you are in the world. You cannot be in unreality, but you can imagine that you are in unreality.

The dream of separation causes you to imagine that you are a physical body and in a material world. Your physical senses tell you that you dwell in the world. The senses of: touch, smell, sound, and sight, convince you that you are a physical body in a material world. These physical sensations seem so very real. They persuade you to believe in the unreality of this dream world of illusion.

An illusion can be convincing, if you think outwardly of the appearance of things, and not spiritually.

When you think spiritually then you will understand the truth. When you think about Heaven and Angels; Love and Wisdom; eternity and infinity; then you are thinking spiritually.

Your reality is Divine Love. You forever dwell in your oneness. You are all love. You are not a separate being; separated from the divine brotherhood.

You awaken from the dream of separation, when you grow tired of the illusions of insanity, that the world offers. When you long to awaken to divine peace and tranquillity, then you will take the focus of your thoughts away from vain material things, and focus on spiritual truths. Your heart will rejoice to know the truth of your divine reality. All of your fears and confusion will vanish into nothingness, from which they came. You will understand your divine reality, which is eternal and infinite. You will know that you are goodness itself. You will know that your wonderful being of divine love fills all of Heaven. You will see yourself in every Angel of Love.

You will know what divine oneness means. God is one.

62. Your Life in the World is a Temporary Illusion, but even this has a purpose.

You may think that the life, you seem to have, in the world and the things of the world serve no purpose. You may not understand how an illusion could serve a purpose. This dimension of unreality and all dimensions of unreality have a purpose.

When a person has totally forgotten their reality, they have forgotten themselves. They do not know themselves. When a person dreams of exile and separation from God and Heaven, they believe they are imperfect and unworthy. They see no value in themselves. They have no self-esteem; Fear, doubt and confusion leads them on a journey of the mind. They travel in dreams to unreal dimensions. They take mental journeys to virtual places, where they seem to live. They seem to experience many things, and all the fear, doubt and confusion can be dealt with and exposed as unreal.

Just as the prodigal son went into a far place and seemed to experience terrible things of insecurity, and fear; we also take mental journeys to unreal dimensions like the prodigal son. We also seem to experience separation and insecurity. We also experience feelings of imperfection and unworthiness. We also feel afraid and troubled. And, just like the prodigal son, we also will return from unreal dimensions and be restored to our father. We will awaken to reality and understand that we are truly loved infinitely, and realize our eternal perfection.

The journey of the prodigal son represents the journey that we all take into unreal dimensions. What was the purpose of the journey of the prodigal son? Why did he experience, or seem to experience the things which he did?

The reason for the journey of the prodigal son is the same reason you are in the world, or seem to be in the world. Just like the prodigal son, you also will long to return home. You also, will be restored to your true home. You also, will understand the great love of your father. You also, will realize that you belong no where, except with your father, with your family, which is Heaven.

Your whole life in the world, which you seem to have, is just to convince you that you belong in Heaven, and not in dimensions of fear and confusion, which is only unrealityYour whole life in the world, which you seem to have, is just to convince you that you belong in Heaven, and not in dimensions of fear and confusion, which is only unreality.

Therefore, the temporary illusions of the world serves a purpose. Like the prodigal son, you had to experience the illusions and seem to be separated, so that you would understand that you do not belong in any dimension of unreality. You know that this world is not your home. Now you know the reason why you seem to be in the world, and the reason for your apparent life in the world.

63. Identify with your reality

The world is only a physical, material, dead world. Your physical body is only material. Do you believe that the physical body is really you? Do you believe that your being is a physical body in the world? Do you believe that your worldly personality is the real you?

Look at some of the false appearances in the world? A coconut appears hard and good for nothing on the outside, but inside is sweet milk and meat. A pecan or walnut has a hard shell outside that conceals the meat inside. An oyster or clam has a rough hard shell, which gives the false appearance that nothing of value is inside, but inside are beautiful pearls. Gold and silver are found under ground, and inside mountains of rock. If you only looked at the surface of the mountain, you would never see the gold and silver inside. You have to mine the gold and silver, by digging or looking inside the mountain. Even a diamond appears rough and ugly when it is found. It is a dull gray color and appears to have no value. But when the diamond has been polished and cut, the clear gem is revealed, then sparkles of light can reflect through it, twinkling like a star, and it fascinates everyone.

The outward shell of a man is like all these other things. The outward personality and worldly mind conceals your infinite value within. It is rare that a man in the world, knows his own eternal value within, which lies concealed to his worldly eyes, and the eyes of the world.

If you believe that the outward shell and worldly mind is you, then certainly you will see error and imperfections. The body will decay and grow old, and the worldly mind will fail to function, and will misunderstand just about everything that seems to happen in the world. If you identify with the outward illusion of you, or outward appearance of you, then you surely will be disappointed and feel low self-esteem.

However, if you understand and realize the truth of your spiritual reality within, then you will be seeing clearly, and correctly, and see the truth of yourself. You will see your real value within. Your reality is gentleness and meekness. Your reality is love and goodness. Your reality is divine wisdom and spiritual understanding. Your reality is pure and perfect. Your reality is wonderful, and infinite and eternal.

These are not merely words that are written to make you feel good. These words are the divine truth of your own reality. Ultimately you will see the truth of your reality, and also understand the perfection of all God's children. The outward appearance will no longer deceive you. The outward actions in the world that once seemed as very real and important, will be exposed as unimportant and meaningless. You will identify with your real self, your true self, your reality.

64. In Every Dimension of Unreality, you need Emotional Protection

Heaven is the awareness of your eternal perfection. In this awareness is safety and security. You need no protection in this awareness, because once you have the awareness of your eternal perfection, nothing can emotionally harm you, and you have no need for a self defense.

Heaven is reality, but every other dimension of other awareness's, is only unreality. Heaven is real because it is eternally true that you are perfect. The awareness of your perfection is true and based on the truth of your own spirit, which is divine Love. This awareness of your perfection will last forever and never change. This is why Heaven is real. Real things don't pass away.

Every other dimension is only temporary, and therefore not "real". Temporary things are not real.

This world is a dimension of unreality, because it will pass away. It is a dimension of fear and doubt. It is deceitful, because it teaches sin, error and imperfection and death. It is a false dimension, not based on eternal truth, but only on outward appearances, which are deceitful.

In dimensions of unreality, you need a temporary self-defense, to emotionally protect you from the insanity of those who persecute and condemn you. This self-defense is only an outward shell of a worldly personality, that you hide behind, to protect the innocent child within you. Your ego and pride serves to give you a sense of self-esteem; even though it is false and temporary and based on things of the world, it still serves to shield you from the devastation of those who condemn you and find fault in you. It gives temporary comfort during the times of stress and confusion. It serves a purpose, until you can be enlightened with the awareness of your perfection.

When you have gained the awareness of your eternal perfection, then of course you need no protection, because no confusion or fear can disturb you or make you doubt yourself.

You can roam through unreal dimensions of doubt and confusion, but you have really gone nowhere. Unreality is nowhere. Heaven is reality and somewhere.

You have never left Heaven, because there is nowhere else. Every other dimension is unreal and only illusion. Your mind can imagine to be in other places, but the "real" you, which is the spirit of divine Love goes nowhere. It is already everywhere. It is all in all.

It seems that when you awaken in Heaven, that you have traveled from the world to Heaven. But this is a false appearance. Regaining your awareness of your eternal perfection is only remembering the truth of yourself. Remembering is not traveling, it only causes you to feel like you have traveled. Love is everywhere, and you are love.

65. Your Spiritual Home is the Awareness that you Comprehend

Your essence and spirit is Divine Love. Your reality is Love. You are nothing but Love. You can never be anything but Love. Because only Love is real; only Love exists. Love is all there is.

You are Love and this will never change. You will forever be Love. Your spiritual substance will always be Love. Get this into your awareness, and never forget it: You are Love. No matter what confusing thoughts you may have concerning yourself, your lack of understanding cannot change what you really are: LOVE.

In the world, we seem to dwell in houses and buildings. We seem to exist on firm foundations, with the land supporting our homes. We breathe the air, drink the water, eat the food, and see the light of the sunshine.

When you die and leave this world, or awake from this dimension, whatever you want to call it; you no longer have the illusions of the world; which have given you a sense of being in a physical place, and dwelling within a physical house; you no longer have the physical things to relate to.

After you leave the world, you dwell in mental concepts. Love can only dwell in the concepts, or awareness that you comprehend. You forever dwell in the thoughts of your mind. Your set of beliefs is your spiritual home. The Truths of Love are the things that you dwell in; the things that you drink, eat, breathe, and see.

Your spiritual foundation is the understanding that you comprehend. Without understanding, you seem to be suspended, without a foundation, a home, or direction. Without understanding, you dwell in misunderstanding and all the confusion associated with misunderstanding.

Reality awareness Reality awareness is: understanding the Truth of your reality. Since you are Love, it means that you understand the Truths of Love. Since Love is perfect, it means that you understand the Truths of Your Perfection. You will ultimately be enlightened concerning your glorious reality. No matter how misguided or confused you may have been; the fact remains that: you are Love, and someday, (maybe not in this dimension), but someday, somehow, somewhere, you will come to know yourself. You will come to know what Love is. You will come to know the wonderful, Divine Spirit of Infinite Love, which you really are. You will dwell securely in the Truths of your reality. You will: abide in, drink, eat, breathe, and see the Truths of your reality. Heaven is the awareness of your perfection. You will dwell in Heaven, because ultimately you will have the awareness of your perfection. And all the untrue and confusing thoughts of: guilt, fear and sin will vanish, when the Truth of Love gives you the understanding of Love.

66. Simultaneous Corresponding Dimensions

In the world you are unaware of the incredible reality and truth of the spirit. The truth of your conscience is more amazing than you ever realized.

Your rational worldly mind, with all of it's thoughts and beliefs, is a combination of all the ideas you have received and the experiences you have had. Your conscious thoughts are shared by all of those, who are like you, in the same level of worldly understanding.

This is why all organizations and all groups are formed in the world; so people with the same level of understanding and beliefs, can be grouped together. The churches have people attending, with the same worldly ideas and thoughts. Groups such as: VFW, Lions club, Women's club, Eagles, Elks, Moose, Rotary, and all the others too numerous to mention have the same thing in common. They are groups of people, who share the same worldly ideas, thoughts, or beliefs.

But did you realize that your subconscious, which can be called your conscience, is a composite of spiritual ideas? Your spiritual ideas and spiritual beliefs, is shared by all of those, who are like you in spiritual thinking. As your spiritual thinking and spiritual beliefs evolve and become more enlightened; you become associated with those who are in more enlightened states of being and enlightened levels of thought.

Did you ever wonder why your conscience bothers you, when you did or said something? The reason is because: Your conscience is grouped spiritually with all those who share in the same level of thought. Every time you do something that bothers you, that you think was wrong, you must have new enlightenment, in order to rise above doubts of yourself. As your conscience begins to bother you, which means your spiritual awareness is receiving enlightenment, and your spiritual mind is trying to evaluate the new enlightenment. The new spiritual awareness is causing you to doubt your present level of thinking, and this doubt produces a sense of uncertainty. This uncertainty gives you a sense of low self-esteem, because your doubt yourself, you doubt that you understand things properly.

Every time your conscience bothers you, it is an indication that you are moving into more spiritual enlightenment. You are being grouped with those who spiritually understand more, and as you adopt the new level of understanding, your conscience gradually stops bothering you. You begin to understand the new enlightenment and your sense of low self-esteem is restored to good self-esteem. The thing that bothered you, bothers you no more, because you have evolved into higher enlightenment, and been associated with those whose level of understanding has transcended and overcome the thing that bothered you. You see from a new higher perspective. Your doubt has vanished, and you now believe in yourself again.

The Lord has provided in His Infinite Providence that nothing can ever bother you spiritually or mentally, that you cannot overcome. If anything bothers you or upsets your peace of mind, the Lord has provided the means to restore you to perfect peace and happiness. The Lord merely causes you to be associated with other spirits (angels), who have a higher level of understanding and the upsetting actions or thoughts (guilt) can be seen as unimportant.

Your subconscious is constantly moving. You are spiritually traveling. You are being grouped and regrouped as the situation becomes necessary. Your perfection is forever unchanged, but your spiritual thoughts and beliefs are evolving through levels of enlightenment. Every level of enlightenment is merely a combination of spirits, who share the same thoughts.

Don't worry, everything is for the Lord's good purpose. Even the times that your conscience bothers you, is for a good reason. You are spiritually being enlightened. You are constantly evolving towards the truth of your eternal perfection. You will someday have absolute certainty of your eternal perfection; which means you have been associated with spirits (angels), that share in the Truth of their perfection. This is Heaven. The awareness of your eternal perfection is Heaven.

 67. You are a combined spiritual being, spiritually composed of all Angels

You do not yet know the incredible spirit of infinite love that you are. You do not yet understand that you are all love and all wisdom. You do not yet comprehend the magnitude of your divine self. If you understood the infinite wonder of yourself, you would be absolutely astounded.

In the world, you have the illusion of being separated from others. You believe you are confined to a physical body, and that you have limits. You believe in danger and death. You believe that you can be harmed. You believe that you are imperfect and in need of everything. You think that God is outside of yourself and you are afraid of just about everything and everyone.

The truth that is now to be revealed to you, is the highest truth available in any dimension. The enlightenment that you will now receive is beyond all other enlightenment that you have ever received. The spiritual wonder and divinity of your own reality, will now be revealed to you. Receive it in an open mind and open heart, because it is the truth you have been waiting for, and the truth that you need. Do not doubt your infinite, glorious self.

Your being is both infinite and eternal. Nothing real is outside of you or beyond you. All reality is within you. All divine wisdom is already yours. You are all divine love. Every angel is the spirit of divine love and divine wisdom, each of which glow and radiate love and wisdom in infinite combinations of beauty and holiness. The light of the glory of love radiates from your own being, your own divine substance. The number of angels is infinite. Each of which is special and unique. Each of which is holy and divine.

The holy mystery of your own being is:. You are a combination of all the infinite Angels of God. All the Divine Angels of God forever joined together into a whole; this being is you. This is why, when you see an Angel, you are seeing yourself. And when an Angel looks at you, they see themselves. When God looks at you He sees Himself, and is glad. He sees no darkness of illusions, or insanity of confusion, for He knows these have no reality.

God's being is your being. Do you now understand yourself? Are you able to comprehend these divine truths?

Your glory is forever. Your divine being has no limits and can do anything. As these divine truths begin to dawn upon your mind, you are only remembering the truth of what has always been. What you have thought you were in the world, you are not. You are infinitely more that you ever dreamed of. Now you have received the treasure of wisdom, which you have waited for. Now you can see the great heavenly beauty of yourself, and know that you are inexpressible.

68. Don't Hold Your Brethren in Prison: If You Do, You Hold Yourself In Prison

If you see anyone as "guilty", then mentally you hold them captive. Your thoughts actually have an affect upon the minds of your brethren. Thoughts are shared.

If you see someone as a "sinner", or a "criminal", then your thoughts towards that person are negative. They cannot be mentally free, until you release them, in your mind. You must see them as "not guilty", and as perfect, before they can feel free. Their anxiety and stress, is caused by, not only how they view themselves, but how you view them. How can they believe in themselves, or be happy, when you hold something against them? They can mentally sense and feel your negative thoughts towards them.

The same thing applies to you. You cannot be mentally free and without anxiety, until you release yourself from your own thoughts of imperfection and guilt, and also your brethren release you, by not seeing you as guilty, or as imperfect. Your brethren's thoughts hold you in a mental prison. As much as you want to be free, you are held by the thoughts of your brethren. We are members of one another, and our thoughts affect one another.

Belief is a powerful thing. Even if what you believe is false, it still has an effect. Confused thoughts affect you and your brethren. In this dream world of illusion, we believe the things we see are real; we believe the actions in the world have meaning. Therefore, in this dream world, they seem real.

We must awaken together. As long as one brethren is confused by the illusions of sin and imperfection, we all, in our outward minds, are not totally free.

We must see ourselves as perfect and free of all imperfection. And we must see everyone else as perfect and free of imperfection. Hold no one in a mental prison. Think no negative thoughts. Be wise and understand that the insanity of the world and illusions of pride and egotism, have caused all these insane acts, that seem so "bad" to you. You and your brethren are not "bad". You and your brethren are infinitely good. Don't think the worldly personality (the ego), is your brother. Remember this, "Nothing real can ever be threatened". The "real" you cannot sin, and has never known sin or guilt, nor has your "real" brother.

Does a tree harbor ill feelings toward the one that cuts it down, or cuts its limbs off? Does the rose find fault in the person that cuts its flowers? Does the honeysuckle find fault in the hummingbird, that takes its sweet nectar away? Did Jesus find fault in those insane brethren, who did those things to him and saw him as guilty? In the same way, you must see no fault in anyone.

 69. The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth

 This dimension is only illusion, and not real, but it does correspond to other things.

The Sun corresponds to your divine spirit of love and perfection. This is the eternal and "real" you.

The Moon corresponds to your worldly mind. It has no life, but merely reflects the light of the Sun. Just as your worldly mind has no wisdom, but merely reflects the wisdom and understanding from your divine spirit. And sometimes your worldly mind, with it's wandering thoughts, gets in the way of the truth and wisdom, coming from your divine spirit, just as the moon sometimes eclipses the sun.

The earth corresponds to the sensual desires and carnal affections. All the animals correspond to various sensual desires and carnal affections. These animals and their behaviors, tells us about the various sensual and carnal desires.

All the insane things of life and death; of predator and prey; of kill or be killed; all correspond to the way, the embodiment of various sensual and carnal desires, seek to survive and satisfy their appetites.

Just as the sun is far removed from the earth and moon, but still shines on them, so is your divine spirit far removed from your worldly mind and all of your sensual desires and canal affections, but it still gives love and understanding to you at all times, to reassure you and comfort you.

70. The Spiritual Union of Man and Woman

The following questions will be addressed in these writingsThe following questions will be addressed in these writings:

(1). Why does man need woman and woman need man?

(2). Why is man and woman attracted to each other?

(3). Why is it necessary to find the "right" one for you?

(4). Why is adultery and fornication harmful?

(5). What is lust and why is it harmful?


(1). Why does man need woman and woman need man?

Man corresponds to Love, and woman corresponds to Wisdom. Man needs the Wisdom that he sees in the woman, and woman needs the Love that she feels in the man. Without both Love and Wisdom, both are incomplete and unfulfilled. Without both Love and Wisdom, neither man nor woman can be happy. This is why they need each other. Man gives the woman the motivation, will and drive which comes from Love and affection. Woman gives the man guidance, understanding, and insight that comes from Wisdom. A man without the corresponding wisdom that he needs, is a man without direction. He is like a person with a mental disorder. His heart is good and sweet, but he needs understanding and wisdom to shape and guide his love and affection. A woman without the corresponding love that she needs, is a woman without energy or feeling. She feels no purpose for life. She may have mental understandings and concepts, but she needs love and affection to give her the will to live. Without the love and wisdom that comes from man and woman, both feel lonely and unhappy.


(2). Why is man and woman attracted to each other?

Wisdom is infinite. Each woman corresponds to an infinite set of cognitions and beliefs. Each woman is a unique universe of wisdom. Each man corresponds to infinite love and affection that is unique. Man is attracted to woman because of the beliefs and concepts that he sees in her. If a man finds the woman for him, that means he has found the infinite set of beliefs and understanding that he believes in. The love of a man feels complete and happy when it is one with the wisdom, that corresponds to it. They are attracted because they correspond to each other. Until a man finds the woman for him, he feels restless and unsheltered. The wisdom of the woman gives him the spiritual protection from confusion and insanity that he must have. The love of man gives the woman the warmth, care and concern that she must have. Wisdom must be cared for, and love must be protected. Man and woman need each other, because love and wisdom need each other. 

(3). Why is it necessary to find the "right" one for you?

A man finds his true love, when he finds the right woman, with the wisdom that corresponds exactly to his love and affection. The unique and infinite set of cognitions and beliefs that the woman gives to the man, corresponds to the desires in the heart of the man. These are unique sets of concepts concerning the things of: honesty, truth, meekness, innocence, gentleness, grace, virtue, perfection, goodness, and infinite other spiritual qualities. Without these concepts, man is blind to the truth, and cannot think properly or with purpose.


(4). Why is adultery and fornication harmful?

A man must unite with the infinite set of concepts, described above, that corresponds to his infinite love and affection. Otherwise, he does not truly believe in the wisdom of the woman, or the concepts that she represents. And, he is not protected from confusion and insanity, if he does not truly believe in the concepts that he comprehends. He feels foolish and insane. And also, the woman does not feel the warmth, care and concern, that she must have to be happy. She feels used and unloved. Adultery and fornication, is like mismatching love and wisdom, in combinations, that do not exactly correspond to each other. There is no true happiness, unless they correspond exactly to each other. They must be united with the "right" one. The union of love and wisdom will continue forever, when they correspond exactly to each other.


(5). What is lust and why is it harmful?

Lust in a man is the desire to be united with any beliefs or concepts, without regard as to its suitability. Lust in a woman is also the desire to be united to any affection, without regard as to its suitability. Blind lust does not comfort the woman, nor does it protect the man from insanity and confusion. That's why it is harmful, because it gives no true happiness, but prolongs incompleteness. It leaves both the man and woman unfulfilled. A man must believe in the concepts that corresponds to his love and affection. A woman must be cared for by the love and affection that corresponds to her infinite wisdom.

 Now you can see why all: sexual harassment, lust, and adultery is harmful to both man and woman.

 71. How to Keep Your True Love

When you love someone, be sure to keep them in your thoughts at all times. Hold their image in the focus of your mind. Keep them ever before you; in your inner most thoughts. Keep your loving thoughts on them always. Don't let your thoughts stray away to others, or other things. Keep them in your heart and mind forever. Don't forget them, even for a moment. Because, if you let them get out of your sight, spiritually and mentally speaking, then you will feel lonely, until you see them again. Once you love someone, never let them go. Hold them firmly and lovingly in your thoughts. Think of your true love constantly. Let the memory of their goodness, satisfy you with peaceful and happy thoughts. Think of the goodness that you see in them. Do these things and you will never lose your true love.

 72. The Truth of Oneness

You and God are one. You and your brethren are one with each other and with God. Do you understand what this means? You are not separate from God or your brothers. Spiritually you are one.

Can you see that God is not a supreme being, that you need to pray to, and please? Can you see that God is not outside of yourself? Can you see that God is not your judge, nor does He grant you: health, money, protection, and mercy based on your long prayers, or your much asking?

You are one with GodYou are one with God? Let this Truth enter deep into your understanding. You cannot know your real self nor God until your understand this Truth.

When we are young and without understanding, then we need to be taught in words that we can comprehend and are willing to accept. When we are stronger and have more faith in God's Love and our oneness with God, then we can be taught in words that are more divine and real.

The Bible is able to teach both the young and the strong, because the young learn the lessons and get understanding suited for them, and the strong see the spiritual truths, or deep meanings of those very same words. Both are blessed with the Word of God. Jesus said, "I have many things to tell you, but you are not able to bear them now". This means that, as we become stronger and able to bear deeper truths, then the Lord will give us more divine and spiritual wisdom.

Those who are young in understanding cannot comprehend their oneness with God. They only think of God as some mystical being that they have to please and beg for mercy. The young even condemn those who speak of oneness with God. They think they are doing God a favor, by not letting anyone say they are one with God.

When a man thinks of his relationship to God; there are only two kinds of thinking.

(1) Those who think that God is outside of themselves. They think that they are separated from God. They pray to God as if He was high above them and granted their wishes and prayers. They believe that they are in need of everything. They believe in sin and punishment. They live in fear.

(2) Those who know their oneness with God. They know that God is not only with them, but is them. They know that God is not separated from them in any way. They know the truth of their oneness. They realize that they have no needs. They see no sin or error and fear nothing. They are not confused by the illusions of the world.

Jesus told of His oneness with God.

John 14:8 - Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us."

John 14:9 - Jesus answered: "Don't you know Me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father. How can you say, "Show us the Father"?

Jesus was killed because He said he was one with GodJesus was killed because He said he was one with God.

John 10:30 - I and the Father are one.

John 10:31 - Again the Jews picked up stones to stone Him.

John 10:32 - But Jesus said to them, "I have shown you many miracles from the Father. For which of these do you stone me?"

John 10:33 - "We are not stoning you for any of these," replied the Jews, "but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.


We are one with the Lord Jesus and with God. There is no separation between us. We have all Love and Truth within us. We are Love and Truth. You cannot know yourself until you know that you are Love and Truth.


John 10:20 - On that day you will realize that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you.

Matthew 25:40 - "The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me."

Hebrews 2:11 - Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.

Those who killed Jesus, thought they were religious. They went to the temple to pray. They read the Word of God. But they were against the teaching of oneness that Jesus spoke.

If Jesus had not spoke of His oneness with God, then they would not have wanted to kill Him. But they were against Christ (the Truth). That means they are the Antichrist. Being Antichrist, means you are against the message or teaching of Christ.

There are even people today who think they are Christians, but are against the Truth of oneness with God. Those who are against the truth of oneness with God, are the Antichrist, no matter how they confess to be Christians.

The message of Christ is the message of Truth, and it reveals our Oneness with GodThe message of Christ is the message of Truth, and it reveals our Oneness with God.

John 10:34 - Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I have said you are Gods'?"

Psalms 82:6 - "I said, 'You are Gods"; you are all Sons of the Most High."

73. Trust in God

There is nothing to fear. God has everything planned and His Love and Goodness will not fail. What are you afraid of? Don't you know that God is in command of all things and that His Wisdom is infinite. Salvation is receiving enlightenment as to God's Love, and that you are part of Him. This enlightenment will come to you.

If a child of God is raised by abusive or negligent parents; this does not really matter.If the parents, teachers, and relatives, all set bad examples for the child; God is still able to give His child enlightenment of His Love. Nothing can keep a child of God from his inheritance, which is: Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, thus Heaven. Nothing can separate a child of God from his Heavenly Father. If a child is abused, either physically or mentally, God is still able to enlighten that child and bring that child home. Nothing anyone can do can keep a child of God from his inheritance.

God knows everything including: every detail of your life, and everything that will happen in your life. God knows how to enlighten you. God knows: where to place you, how to feed you with wisdom, when to take you home, how to strengthen you to endure things.

If you suffer, God will give you the strength to endure suffering. There is something to be gained in all things that happen to us. We also must set examples of faith and goodness, and blaze a trail for those to follow.

Your fate is not in question. There is no doubt of your destiny. Nothing can surprise God or trick God. God is in charge. God has all power and His Love is boundless. You have nothing to fear. Your future is in God's Loving Hands, and nothing can take you away from God's Love.

You do not have to be concerned with the future. God controls your future. You are protected from all appearances of danger, by your Loving Father. Nothing can threaten you. Therefore, you do not have to worry, or give any thought to defending yourself from the appearance of danger.

Even if others speak against you and condemn you to death; God will not forsake you. Do not fear the death of the body. Your Spirit and Soul is the real you, and God has the real you in His Loving hands. And if you are condemned and face death or physical abuse, God will give you the strength to endure it.

Your enlightenment is certain. You can therefore, rest your mind. Nothing can harm the real you. There is no danger. Danger is only a false appearance; danger is not real. Danger is fiction. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever harm the real you. God cannot fail. God knows how to enlighten His children. You are His child. You are part of Him. God cannot fail Himself.

 74. Worldly Understanding and Worldly Doctrines

 A man views things around him, from his own set of beliefs, from his own concepts. Thus, he views things from his own doctrines and own understanding.

Have you ever heard the saying, " He sees everything through rose colored glasses"? This means that he interprets everything around him through his own set of beliefs or concepts. He sees everything as "rosy."

A man's house represents his set of beliefs, or his set of concepts. The windows of his house are his interface between his beliefs and the other doctrines, or concepts of the world. Meaning, the windows of his house are the concepts that he believes in, through which he views others and the rest of the world. Just like the rose colored glasses.

A man's beliefs are fragile. The concepts through which he views others, can be shattered, just like a glass window pane can be shattered. For example, Someone can throw a stone and break your window pane. In the same way someone can confuse you with other doctrines or concepts, that destroy the way you view others. It's like breaking the window pane of your understanding, through which you view others.

Criticizing and finding fault in others, is like throwing stones at them. You are trying to break their set of beliefs or concepts. Therefore, don't find fault or criticize others. You wouldn't want to confuse or cause anxiety to your brethren? And you wouldn't want others to confuse you or cause you anxiety. Let others believe in the things they believe, and you believe in the things you believe in. After all, the doctrines and concepts of this world are so fragile, just like a window pane. Let's not hurt one another! Live and let live!

75. Walking the Rainbow Trail

Your job is to sort through the doubt and confusion, and learn the truth about yourself and your brethren. This is the only job you have!

If you see the vanity of this world, then it is easy to shed the doubt and confusion this world gives you, and take the focus of your awareness away from the world and look to higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels of consciousness have the effect of giving you increased awareness of your own reality. "Who are you and what you are?", is the question that is being answered, as you learn more about yourself and your brethren.

All dimensions of vanity must be seen as vain, and unworthy for you to live in, so that you can see the divine magnitude of your reality, and shed layers of doubt and confusion that cover your thoughts and awareness.

You will get the world out of your system, meaning: you will grow tired of this dimension and all of it's false images and vanity. You will grow tired of every dimension of vanity, as you learn to distinguish between: "what is really important and what is unimportant", and as you learn the divine magnitude of your own being.

It will gradually dawn on you that: "Your being is infinite and eternal", and that: "Your own self is more divine than you can comprehend". You will understand that you are everywhere! No dimension can contain your infinite being of glorious Love.

Everyone has an inward desire to learn more about themselves. The reason is: because spiritually they sense that their being is more than they can comprehend. They feel like they don't understand their own being completely. And that is correct, they have no idea of the magnitude of their own being.

You can never be satisfied with the petty vanity of any dimension. You will always long for new understanding. As you go through dimensions, you are walking the rainbow trail, which leads to your infinity and your eternity. Your being cannot be confined in a house or a body or a dimension, because you are everywhere, all in all.

As you learn more about yourself, you are fulfilling your purpose. You are realizing that you are divine Love and divine Goodness, both infinite and eternal.

Happy trails!

76. There are only two types of thought concerning God

It may seem strange to you, but man has only two types of thought concerning God. All the religions of the world and denominations and all individual thoughts are in only two categories.

(1). Those who think that God judges and punishes man.

(2). Those who think that God does not Judge or punish man.


(1). Those who believe that God judges and punishes man are the vast majority of the people. They are in all religions in the world. They live in constant fear of God. The reason they believe these things is: because they hold God responsible for all the things that happen in the world. They see all disasters as punishments from God. They see good and evil in all things. They can be very cruel to their fellow man, in the name of religion. They try to please God by sacrifices and other rituals and pious acts. They bow themselves and kneel down, while saying prayers, pleading for mercy. From all the disasters that seem to happen in the world, they see God as very harsh and cruel, a God of terrible judgment. They love the world and are very concerned if anything happens to the world. All the rituals and sacrifices that were done throughout history, which were done out of superstition, are based on the fear of God. Man has a history of fear and superstition. They are afraid of death and punishment. This type of thinking is illogical.


(2). Those who believe that God is not a God of judgment or punishment are very very few in the world. They are against the beliefs of all the organized religions of the world. They view God as pure Love and Goodness. They see the disasters in the world as proof of nothing. They don't love the world, therefore if anything happens to the world, they are not disturbed. They see this world as nothing but vanity and illusion. They have spiritual and celestial faith in God's eternal Love. They don't pretend or play games with God. They know that God sees and knows all things. Therefore they don't have to try and please God with pious actions or rituals. They trust in God's goodness. They don't have to "win" God over to their side, because they know that God Loves them forever. They are unafraid of death, because they trust in the power of God's Love.

Those who view God as a God of Judgement and punishment, see things from a negative point of view, they see no goodness or love at work in the world.

On the other hand, those who view God as a God that does not judge or punish anyone, see things from a positive point of view, they see goodness and love at work in all things.

Those who see God as a God of judgment and punishment say, 'but the Bible tells us that there will be a judgment day, and that God will judge everyone, as good or bad'. But they fail to understand the Bible when it also says, "Judge not and you will not be judged", and "Condemn not and you will not be condemned". Therefore, it is very clear that, those who see God as a God of judgment and punishment, also expect to be judged and punished. But those who have a positive outlook see everything from Love and goodness, and expect no judgment or punishment, because they judge no one and punish on one.

So you see, as a man thinks, so it is, too him!

The truth is: the Bible is written so that both the negative minded (those who fear God), and positive minded (those who do not fear God) can both receive the words meant for them. Both the proud and the humble can receive the things meant for them. Those who are worldly minded fear God and the destruction of the world. Those who are spiritual minded have no fear of God, and see the world and the things in the world as nothing of value.

So the question is: "Who is correct concerning God, those who see God as a God of judgment, or those who see only Love and Goodness"? Because, obviously there is some confusion.

You will know the answer in your heart when you ask yourself the following questions. Is God cruel? Is God Love? Are the proud and arrogant people wise, or are the humble and meek wise? Is this world vain? Do you love your status in the world and your life in the world? Are you upset if physical things are taken away from you? Do you value physical possessions?

Solomon was a very logical and wise man. He looked back at his life in world and all his labors, and reached the conclusion that all was vanity in the world. Do you believe that the world is nothing but vanity, or do you see value in the world?

If man would only think logicallyIf man would only think logically, then he would not see God as a God of judgment and punishment, but the religions of the world lead astray and blind men to the truth of God's Love. Can't you see the vanity and insanity of the world. If therefore, the world is vain and insane, (which it is), how can you view the destruction of things in the world as "judgment from God"? If something vain and insane were to be destroyed, then what has been lost? Is it proof that God is punishing someone? Or, is it merely proof that the world is vanity and nothing.

 Is it proof of God's judgment, if someone loses their health, wealth, job, house, car, or anything? Or, is it a blessing? Can the loss of health be a blessing? Can the loss of wealth, job, house or car or anything be a blessing?

If a person is in great need of understanding, (but they believe themselves to to be wise and "know it all"), then how can you awaken them from the pride and insanity of the world.

All things are a blessing, and you can see this, when you think rightly. Everything that happens is a blessing. The Bible plainly tells us that, "In all things be thankful". Therefore, if we are to be thankful for all things, then all things that happen must be a blessing, and for our eternal benefit.

So you see, those who believe in God's goodness and love, see everything that happens in the world as a blessing, and not as proof of God's judgment, but merely as proof of God's great love. They see God at work: blessing, helping, awakening, and saving us from the vanity and insanity of the world. They even see death as a blessing.

The Bible plainly says: "better is the end of a thing than the beginning". Better is the end of life in this vain and insane world than the beginning. That's why Jesus told us not to fear death, nor let our hearts be troubled. He wanted to reassure us concerning our eternal future in Heaven with Him. He wanted to take away our superstition and fear.

So you see, the logical person must arrive at the conclusion that the world is vain, but God is love, and everything that happens in the world, no matter what, is a blessing from love.

77. The Mind

The mind controls the body and is master over the flesh. Will power and desire, rules over the physical things and chemical things of the body.

To improve physical performance and endurance, you need to push the body. During physical exercise, your body will reach a point of stress and fatigue, and it will say to you "that's enough", "I'm getting tired". Your body will sweat and ache and pain you. If you immediately stop your exercise and cater to your bodies signals, then you will never improve your performance or endurance. You will be controlled by the limit that the body has set for you. Don't let the body tell you what to do. You tell the body what to do.

The way to improve your performance and endurance, is to always go beyond what the body says is your limit. Go a little bit more than what your body wants to do. Push yourself to new levels of performance everyday. Set new goals for yourself and even go beyond those goals. Reach beyond what you thought you could do. Soon your expectations will rise to levels undreamed of. Your body weight will go down and your heart and lungs will get stronger. Your self esteem will be stronger. Don't let the aches and pains of the body control you. You can conquer pain and fatigue. When the aches and pains urge you to quit, then use your determination to over come these things and say to your flesh, "you will do this", and "I will not listen to physical aches and pains".

Don't be a slave to the weakness and fatigue of the body. Don't let the pains, or pleasures of the flesh control you. Both pain and pleasure of the flesh are merely sensory inputs to the brain, from the parts of the body. The nerves are like telephone lines that sends signals to the brain from various parts of the body. Just like an unwanted telephone call, from someone on your telephone, you can "hang-up" on unwanted signals from the body.

How was Jesus able to go forty days in the wilderness, without food? How does a man or woman run a marathon (26 miles)? How could Jesus endure the cross? The following words give us the answer.






Will Power

Mental Toughness


78.  It is only an illusion to believe that people are different.

 If you look at the outward appearance and actions of people, then you can see apparent differences. Outwardly and physically, people are different sizes, wear different clothes, have different skin colors, and seem inclined to different foods, customs, and lifestyles. Some people seem inclined to be extroverted and others seem inclined to be introverted. People even have different blood types, in a few categories such as: O, A, B, and labeled as positive or negative.

All of this tends to persuade us that people are actually different, but this is only an illusion. These are only outward worldly things and proof of nothing spiritual. The evidence is only physical.

People love to label and categorize people into groups. Thus, creating the further illusion of differences. The schools place children in "Slow learners", and "bright" classes, and this creates the illusion of differences among children. The schools love to give grades and label children as "A", "B", "C", "D", or "F" students. This gives the illusion that children are born different.

Some people wear glasses and some don't. Some people can run fast and some can't. Some people can juggle and others can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Some people can dance very gracefully, and other people can't even walk. Some people seem to be born leaders, and others seem to be born followers. Some people are rich and have lots of money and other people are poor and have little or no money. Some people have large houses or mansions, other people are homeless. Some people seem to be the picture of health and fitness, other people are deformed and handicapped. Some people speak so beautiful and other people stutter or can't speak at all. Some people have the eyesight of an eagle, other people are blind. Some people are great musicians or artists, other people don't seem to be able to do anything. Some people get labeled as criminals or law breakers, and some labeled as good upstanding citizens. Some people get labeled as "Fine Good Christians" or "Religious", and others as "Heathens". Some people go to church, other people don't. Some people die young, other people live very old.

Many times within the same family two children are born. One grows up and gets a fine job and is admired by the whole town, and the other may get into trouble with the law, and be seen as worthless. The families will many times explain this apparent paradox by saying: "one was a good child and one was bad", or "we raised them both the same, but one turned out bad".

But, ask yourself this question: "Is one child good and one child bad, or is this only an illusion"? Is there any "real" differences?

Look at the parable of the prodigal son. One son demanded his inheritance and left for a far away place, where he wasted all that he had. But, the other son stayed home and helped his father, and didn't waste anything. This story gives us the illusion that one son was bad and the other son was good. I'm sure that all the servants and neighbors said, that the son who left and wasted his inheritance was a terrible son, and that the son who stayed home and helped his father was a very good boy. The end of the story gives us a different analysis. The father loved both sons equally at all times and through all these events. When his wayward son finally returned home confused and penniless, his father never condemned him as, "a bad boy", nor did he demand an accounting of the money he had taken with him. His father knew the unimportance of physical things. Money didn't matter to him. His father welcomed him home with open arms, joyfully and with great celebration. He loved his son absolutely and eternally. Nothing could ever make him stop loving his son. He never saw one son as good or one son as bad.

It's the same with every boy or girl that is in prison or gets in trouble and is labeled as "no good". They have a Father in Heaven who loves them always. Their Father in Heaven holds no grudges and is not angry with them. Their Father in Heaven sees them as "His" and as forever perfect. No illusion of sin or imperfection can ever cause their Father in Heaven to doubt the goodness of His own child.

So you see, the world tells us false things, and gives us the illusion that people are different. But, the truth is that. "We are all the same".

It takes many actors to create a movie, and some play the role of the hero or good guy, and others play the role of the villain or bad guy. They all have to play their parts. William Shakespeare once said, "The whole world is a stage and every man an actor". If we only knew the truth of this saying, we would never condemn or judge a brother.

Don't let the illusion of apparent differences ever cause you to feel superior to another, nor cause you to feel inferior. Just know that in "reality" we are all the same.

79So you think you Love Jesus

Do you Love Jesus? Do you feel sorry for the terrible things he went through? Do you see the innocence and goodness of Jesus? That's fine and good, but let's see if you "really" love Jesus, or if you are merely fascinated with an idol image. Let's see if you only claim to love Jesus for your own religious reasons, to make you feel saved.

Jesus said, "If you did it to the least of My brethren, then you did it to Me". Do you love everybody? How can you claim to love Jesus, and not love everybody the same? Jesus has told you that He is your brother. Every man you see is your brother, and at the same time Jesus.

How do you feel about the two other men that were crucified with Jesus, one to the left of Jesus, and one to the right? If you don't love them as much as you claim to love Jesus, then you "really" don't love Jesus. If you don't feel sorry for them, as much as you claim to feel sorry for Jesus, then you "really" don't feel sorry for Jesus.

Those two other men were once little babies, just like Jesus. They were poor, just like Jesus. They received a death sentence, just like Jesus. They were crucified by the same roman soldiers, on the same day. They felt the same agony and pain. Do you care about what happened to them, or to their bodies. Do you care about their families and their loved ones.

Do you justify their deaths, by saying, "but they were criminals". What was their crime? Were you there? Do you know the reasons why they stole? Were their children hungry? Were their fathers and mothers dying from starvation? Would you kill a man for stealing? Are you too a monster? Are you a fault finder? Are you insensitive to the suffering of others?

You cannot justify the death of any man. Every man is a perfect child of God. Any action that they do in this insane and dark world, is only confusion and meaningless. Did Jesus condemn the woman caught in adultery? Did he say, go ahead and kill her, for she is guilty?

Today men still kill their brethren in the name of justice. They claim to love Jesus, and at the same time kill those whom Jesus has told us are His brethren. If you don't feel as much love and compassion on the person who is killed by the "Criminal Justice System", as you claim to have for Jesus, then you "really" don't love Jesus.

You cannot love Jesus and not love your brethren. You cannot love Jesus and not forgive your brethren of their sins, errors or mistakes. You cannot love Jesus and judge anyone as guilty of death.

The church has taught you to love Jesus; they should have taught you to love your brothers. They should have taught you to forgive and feel compassion on everyone, regardless of the "things" they appear to have done.

The church has taught you to give money to the church and the needy. They should have taught you to give mercy and compassion on those needy of mercy and compassion. The church has taught you to sing love songs to Jesus. They should have taught you to sing love songs to those on death row, in prisons, in nursing homes, and mental hospitals. They have taught you to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They should have taught you to celebrate the births of everyone, for they too are children of God.

The church has told you to believe in Jesus. They should have taught you to believe in your brothers. They should have taught you to look deep within your brother, way past the illusions of the outward man, and see the goodness and divinity that is forever there.

If you justify the death of anyone, then you are just like the Pharisees and the roman soldiers. If you see anyone as guilty of punishment, then you are blind to spiritual love. And, totally confused by the darkness of the world.

So when you dress up in your fine clothes and go to church, and pass by the homeless along the way, ask yourself, "Am I better than these?". After church, when you go out to a restaurant to dine, and pass by the hungry drug addict, who has wasted all his money on drugs and alcohol, and smells "dirty"; ask yourself, "Am I better than these?". When you see a mentally ill person walking aimlessly on the highway, with twitching or glaring eyes, burdened by the confusion and insanity of the world, ask yourself, "Am I better than these?". When you see the migrant farm workers, bend over in the fields, harvesting your food supply, while the sun burns their necks and arms, and their children spend their lives in poverty, ask yourself, "Am I better than these?".

Would you recognize Jesus, whom you claim to love and follow, if you saw him today? Would His outward appearance shock you and cause you to turn away? Do you imagine Jesus to look like a movie star, or one of the painted pictures that you have seen, which portends to be Jesus?

When you see: the homeless, the drug addict, the mentally ill, or the migrant farm worker, you are looking at Jesus. Do you still claim to love Jesus?

You don't love Jesus, if you don't love everyone. They are also Jesus.

So now ask yourself, "Do you 'really' love Jesus?".

 80. Children Teach Innocence and Divine Honesty

 Growing up in this world of confusion causes you to lose touch with your reality. You forget the sweet divine baby that you were at birth, and that you still are, in your reality. You develop an ego to cope with the egos of the world. Your pride and arrogance develop, and at the same time: resentment, confusion, and doubt. You no longer understand the eternal perfection and glory of your own being. You need a lesson in innocence. You need to remember the truth of your reality. You need to be taught your oneness with Divine Love (God).

When a baby is born, a real lesson in innocence and divine honesty is being taught. The mother and father can see in the child the perfection and glory that they have forgotten. They see pure innocence, which they have forgotten. They are being taught to remember the truth of their own glorious being. They are being restored to their right minds, and their confusion and doubt is overcome with the truth of divine love. The little baby teaches all these lessons.

They are restored and saved from the insanity of pride and egotism, by the lesson of innocence, that they receive from the little baby. They could receive this lesson in no other way.

Now you know how wonderful a child really is!