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81. Understanding Perfection

82. Honesty Morality and Ethics

83. Don't let the religious denominations confuse you

84. A Letter from God to You

85. All things that happen are in the Hands of God

86. God is teaching us to have Faith in His Love

87. Are you convinced of God's Love for you

88. Forgiveness and Compassion

89. Speak only of the Good in others

90. Things not to do

91. Do you appreciate Wisdom and Understanding

92. Safeguard everyone's Emotional and Mental condition

93. What is a Remnant of guilt?

94. Churches are driven by greed

95. Help your brethren to Love themselves

96. The world is an illusion of constant change

97. Equilibrium and Balance

98. There must be mutual respect between a Man and a Woman

99. Your Awareness of Innocence

100. The Real answer to every question is Infinite

101. What can you do to Help your Brethren?

102. Don't look back or second guess yourself

103. Don't believe every wind of Doctrine

104. God is always Loving you

105. What does a person leave behind?

81. Understanding Perfection

You cannot gain the awareness of your own perfection, unless you also, at the same moment, understand the perfection of everyone. When you recognize the Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of everyone, then you can see your own spiritual perfection.

Keep your brethren in your awareness, knowing and believing in their goodness and divinity. How can you see faults in others and excuse yourself? Are you trying to separate yourself from your brothers, and see some of them as bad and yourself and your friends as good? You either must condemn everyone, or pardon everyone. You must either see fault in everyone, or see no fault in anyone.

The Wisdom of Love reveals to us that we all are spiritually perfect. Everyone is absolutely perfect and wonderful. Spiritually we all are infinite and eternal Love. Believe that no one has done you any wrong. Worldly things don't matter, because all in the world is vanity. So why be concerned with worldly events?

It is impossible to know your own spiritual perfection, and also believe that some of your brethren are imperfect or no good. We are the focal points of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, our soul is Love. The confusion of the world is varied, it affects people differently, and causes us to look different and act differently, but it is only illusion, because we all are the same.

Don't look at or believe in the things of outward appearance. Don't be fooled by the vanity of the world, or the decay of the world. Don't be concerned with the outward appearance of anything. How can you look at the outward appearance of someone, and conclude that they are bad? How can you look at the actions in the world of someone, and conclude that they are bad? If someone is: lonely, worried, feeling insecure, tormented, oppressed, confused, afraid, or stressed out, then how can you blame them for their actions. How can a person that is oppressed and confused, ignore the oppression and confusion and remain unaffected? Do you expect a child to laugh and giggle, when it is abused? Do you except a child to sing songs and be happy, when they are lonely, hurt, or feeling insecure? Would you blame a child for showing their displeasure with the vanity and suffering in the world? Every action in the world, which you think is so bad, is only a child of God showing displeasure with the stress and oppression, which he has experienced in the world. There are no criminals. There are no bad people.

Can't you see the deception in the world. Believe in yourself and believe in everyone. No one is worthless. In fact, everyone is good and divine. This is true, even if you can't see it.

 82. Honesty and Morality and Ethics

Every religion in the world teaches honesty, morality and ethics. This is something they all have in common. The ten commandments teach being: honest, moral, fair, truthful, and just. They teach us morality. Religion is supposed to teach us good things, and keep us from acting like savages.

It's not your religion that counts it's your morality. Without morality you have no religion.

Why is honesty important? Why is morality important? Why is being fair and ethical important?

The world today is completely out of control. People are like wild animals. They fight and steal and cheat one another. They are perverted in their thinking and their actions. Many people believe in nothing. Why do you think over a million men are in prison? Why do you think AIDS is killing so many people? Why are children shooting and killing other children? Why are people greedy and only want more, more, more? No one is satisfied, but they only want more money and more material possessions.

Honesty, morality and ethical behavior are from Love. If you love others, you want them to be happy. If you love others, you treat them fairly. If you love others, you want to protect them mentally from stress and confusion.

That's why people in the world are acting so greedy and immoral, because they have forgotten how to love. Love is not a physical act, it is spiritual affection. To love is to protect. Look at how a hen protects her chicks. Look at how a mother protects her children, or should protect her children if she loves them.

Is morality important anymore? Morality is merely abiding by the principles that love gives you. Love will tell you the right thing to do.

Those who have no principles or moral beliefs, can only cause unhappiness to themselves and to others. Because, they are not protecting anyone from stress and confusion, and insanity. Immoral behavior leads to insanity. Insanity is confusion and unhappiness. This is hell.

Therefore immoral behavior creates hell in a person's mind.

Heaven is the awareness of your eternal spiritual perfection, and understanding your innocence. Immoral behavior confuses you about your perfection, and causes you to doubt yourself and others. This creates hell in your mind. Therefore, hell is insanity of the mind and unhappiness.

Why do you think the Bible teaches moral behavior? Because God wants to save you from the insanity of immoral behavior. Remember, Love gives us the principles to follow that protects us from confusion and unhappiness. God wants you to be happy, not unhappy.

What should you do? How should you behave?

The answer is to let Love guide you and show you the correct path to follow.

Those involved in prostitution, homosexuality or adultery are not loving themselves or others. Because their actions lead to confusion and unhappiness and insanity.

A country needs to follow the teachings of love; which are honesty, justice, compassion, morality, and ethical behavior. Because if it doesn't, the country will certainly be a place of insanity, fear, and confusion, thus it will be hell.

Those who teach immoral behaviors are leading the country into the suffering of hell. They claim that their personal acts of immorality are their business and they have freedom to do anything they want. They are like predators, seeking victims. Innocence is their prey. They delight in offending the helpless and the innocent. They are spreading their disease of the mind, their insanity.

They are like bacteria in the body. A society can be killed by immorality. How can a civilization be civilized, if there is no principles to follow? Morality is principles to follow, which love gives. These principles are to the mind, like antibiotics are to the body.

If child abuse, sexual abuse, murder, crime, dishonesty, deception, vandalism, violence, and harassment, are OK, then what will be the end result of that society?

If you love yourself and others, follow the teachings of Love. Respect yourself and others. Use everything for the purpose it was intended. This is called Right-use-of. This means righteousness.

Unrighteousness is doing things for the wrong purpose.

Let Love show you the way out of the insanity and confusion of the world. If you realized that you were living in a society that was hell on earth, thus, no happiness, what would you do? Look around you. Prisons are overflowing, the homeless sleep on the streets, every business is greedy and corrupt. Everyone is cheating everyone else. Children are killing each other. Drugs and prostitution and homosexuality are spreading like wild fire. Abuse and violence are everywhere. All the professional people are corrupted by greed. The churches want your money. The politicians want your vote, so they can get power and money. The television networks want you to watch their garbage, and they get high ratings, so they make more money.

Hollywood makes garbage movies so you will pay money to see them, and they can get rich. They don't care about teaching you the good path to follow, or showing you right behavior. They don't care about protecting or guarding your mind from the pain of insanity and confusion. They want to make money, and spread their disease of the mind.

Now you can see why honesty and moral behavior is important to good mental health and to your happiness.

Put your faith and trust in God. This means to trust in Love, for God is Love. The world is not your home. Love not the world nor the things of the world.

Sodom and Gomorrah represent the insanity of immoral behaviorSodom and Gomorrah represent the insanity of immoral behavior.

If you think that prostitution, adultery and homosexuality are OK, then just follow the life of anyone who is a prostitute, adulterer, or homosexual. Don't just listen to their speech, but follow their life to the end result. If they don't change their ways, you will find, every time, a person who ends up: miserable, unhappy, confused and troubled by insanity.

Morality does matter!

The conclusion is thisThe conclusion is this:

Your time in the world is not long. Trust in God and do your best.

83.  Don't Let the Religious Denominations Confuse You

Many people are totally confused about what God wants them to do, they get caught up in trying to obey various laws, and doing various rituals.

Many religions and denominations of religions teach various rituals and demand compliance with their beliefs. They use different verses in the Bible or Koran or other writings, to try and persuade you that their ideas and beliefs are the only ones that God has ordained.

Don't be confused by these various denominations. They always find fault in others that don't attend their church or do as they do.

Use your common sense. God is LOVE. God is LOVE. To be Godly is to LOVE.

No ritual or sacrifice has any meaning except to LOVE. To condemn anyone, means you are not being Godly.

Jesus gave only ONE commandment. He said, "This is My commandment, that ye LOVE one another, as I have loved you". (John 15:12)

Some people want to obey the laws in the world or in the Bible.

The Bible says, "Owe no man any thing, but to LOVE one another: for he that LOVETH another hath fulfilled the law". (Romans 13:8)

God only expects us to LOVE. You can do nothing more than LOVE your brother. What could you possibly do more than LOVE your brethren? Remember GOD IS LOVE. To be Godly is merely to LOVE.

Don't let the confused confuse you. They believe many false and strange things. They teach various rituals. THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO IS TO LOVE.


Now ask yourself this question; Who is saved?

The answer is so simple. THOSE WHO LOVE EVERYONE.

Those who LOVE are saved from confusion, because LOVING thoughts are true thoughts and they restore you to good mental health, and to your right mind.

Believe in LOVE. LOVE is eternal. Don't be afraid of LOVE.

84. A Letter From God To You

You are now reading My letter to You. I am God. Are you surprised that I would write you a letter? Are you dismissing this letter already? Do you think you know Me? What do you really know about Me or yourself?

That's why I am writing this letter to you. So you will comprehend Me and yourself.

You seek admiration from achievements in the world. You want to accomplish something, and thus achieve a sense of worth. You want to feel good about yourself, and feel that you have value. You struggle and work and sacrifice to build things to feel proud of. You are only trying to make yourself happy.

Now I will tell you the Truth, so you won't wander through the wilderness of vanity any longer. You are competing with your brethren for praise and admiration. What does it mean to Win? Are you better than anyone else? Do you have more value than anyone else?

Your happiness does not come from anything you achieve in the world, it comes from Me. Your Peace and Joy does not come from your worldly achievements or your illusions of wealth.

I am your Peace. I am your Joy. I am your Wealth.

As long as you compete for fame and admiration, you will be confused about Me, and about yourself. The experiences you have in the world will serve to teach you the vanity of the world, and the emptiness of false pride. Don't seek vain worldly accomplishments.

Your eternity is secure. I am your security. You still don't know Me, but you will.

You seek happiness and self-esteem from those things that are not real, and don't give true happiness or self-esteem. I am your Hope and your happiness. I am your self-esteem.

Do you now understand, who I am? I am your self-esteem. I am your everything. I am your self.

Do you believe that I am yourself?

When you do, and you will, your happiness and joy will be complete. I am telling you now, that your happiness and your joy will be fulfilled in you. I know you. That's why I am writing this letter to you, because I know you. You will certainly come to the knowledge of yourself, and then you will know me. Thank you for everything.

Love God.

85. All Things that Happen are in the Hands of GOD

Everything that happens is under the control of God. Nothing can happen that the Lord does not permit. There are no accidents, and nothing happens by chance.

The Lord knows all the events of your life, down to the smallest detail. Every hair on your head is numbered. God has planned every event in your life, that will happen. From your birth to your death, nothing has happened or will happen that God did not allow to happen, for a good reason.

Some people falsely believe that they (their worldly minds) choose and decide everything for themselves. This is only the appearance, so they can be taught to awaken to reality awareness. Your eternal fate is not in question. God knows how to draw, lead and awaken his children to the truth of their eternal perfection.

All the decisions that you have ever made, were seen by the Lord before you were even born. God knew what you would do, in every day of your life. He therefore, provided the necessary events that would follow in sequence, so that the desired effect would take place. The desired effect is: for you to see the vanity of the world; for you to become aware of your eternal perfection; for you to know your oneness with God and your brethren; for you to express love in this dimension and cause your brethren to love more; for you to become aware of God's infinite goodness and love.

Your ego does not cause things to happen, GOD DOESYour ego does not cause things to happen, GOD DOES. God is the reason you: get a job, find a home, meet your spouse, receive an education. God does all these things. What ever you think you have done or achieved, was allowed to happen to you by the Lord. These writings that you are now reading, are from the Lord.

All things are in the hands of the Lord. No one dies, that is not under the control of the Lord. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a good reason. You do not see all the reasons, and therefore you question the reason for things. You wonder, why God allowed this or that to happen? LOVE is the answer to all your questions. To increase love and compassion among all brethren. To cause you to feel love and oneness with your brethren.

Every child of God is one with God; their higher-selves, which are one with God, desire that certain things happen to them in the world, so they can express love and cause more loveEvery child of God is one with God; their higher-selves, which are one with God, desire that certain things happen to them in the world, so they can express love and cause more love.

Your time in the world is not for your ego (which is nothing) to create and maintain a separate life in a physical world. It is for your spirit to express its divinity and holiness, and it does and it will.

86. God is Teaching us to have faith in His Love

God is the spirit of Love.

All the events of your life have been planned. God knows the end from the beginning. He knows every hair on your head. He knows what you need before you pray. God has laid out every detail of your life. He knew you before you were born; while you were still in your mother's womb. He knows your thoughts. He knows all things, even before they happen. Nothing can surprise God, and nothing has ever surprised God. Because, God sees and knows everything. There are no secrets hid from God. This means that God is in complete control of your life and the lives of everyone in the world. The song is true that says, "He's got the whole world in His Hands." The place you were born; your parents; your relatives; the schools you have attended; the sicknesses you have had; your physical characteristics; your occupations; your friends; and your enemies; have all been planned and allowed to happen, just as they happened. God has a different plan for each person. All the events of your life, even the apparent troubles you have experienced, have all been allowed by your Heavenly Father.

What is trouble? Consider what is trouble in your life. Lack of money, lack of food, lack of clothing, lack of companionship, anything that you lack and feel that you must have is trouble to you. A little child considers trouble to be when they can't play when they want to, or when they think their parents are unhappy with them. A person in a wheel chair might consider trouble to be: their handicap, or when they can't find a handicap access ramp, or find someone to help them in some way. If you lose your job; lose your health; lose your wealth; lose your freedom or mobility; or lose anything you value, then you consider that trouble. But, God tells us, "Let not your heart be troubled." God wants us not to be concerned about losing anything; even our own worldly lives. God wants us to trust Him and believe in His Love. All the apparent troubles of your life have been allowed to happen to you for a good reason. What possible reason could God have in allowing trouble in our lives?

God tells us to ask Him for the things we need; we are to pray for the things we need and the things our brethren need. But, God already knows the things we need before we pray. So then, why does God want us to pray? What good could come from praying? Prayer and receiving the answer to prayer builds faith. God wants us to believe in His Goodness and Love. He wants us to trust Him and confide in Him and to communicate with Him. When we pray and then receive the answer to that prayer, then our faith in God and God's Love for us increases. God is building faith in us. We learn to believe in God when we understand that He answers prayer. God is training us to rely on Him and on His Love. Remember, God knows everything you need, even before you pray. But, you need to grow in faith and trust in God's Divine Love and Divine Goodness. All the apparent troubles of your life are allowed, so that God can build your faith in His Love.

You dreams are given to you for a reason.

God is in complete control of all things in your life. You may think that you could have created a better world than this one, and that you could have done a better job than God. But, consider this: Could you have created a better world and still been able to teach all the millions of people to have faith in God's Love, and to believe in God? No, you could not create a better world and still teach the things necessary for each person to know and to experience. Remember, the troubles of a man's life are important to teach him faith in God's Love. If you remove the troubles, then how can you teach the man to seek God and increase his faith in God. God has the whole world in His hands. Even the so called tragedies in this world teach us to Love and have compassion on our brethren. God knows what he's doing, just trust Him.

God is preparing you for Heaven; just keep that in mind. Don't get too attached to the things in your life or in your possession. These are temporary and only given to teach you to trust in God's Love. Remember God knows what you need, and the most important thing you need is not money, lands, or anything physical, but it is faith.

Happy trails, or maybe I should say happy trials. Be happy and don't worry, your Heavenly Father knows all about you, and Loves you Infinitely.

87. Are you Convinced of God's love for You

This is the most important topic you will ever read about.

You are told, "God loves you", but do you really believe it? Are you absolutely convinced that God loves you?

Believing that God loves you, is THE most important thingBelieving that God loves you, is THE most important thing!

People claim to have faith in God's love for them. But when something happens unexpectedly, where is their faith? As long as everything is going great, then you can easily say, "O' yes, I believe that God loves me". However, when a death in the family occurs, or your health deteriorates, or your finances vanish, will you still say, "O' yes God loves me."?

If you get cancer or some other illness, will you still believe that God loves you? If your physical appearance changes, or your outward beauty declines, will you still believe in God's love for you? If a great tragedy happened to you, will you say, "I don't know why God let this terrible thing happened to me, He must not love me."?

Can you still believe in God's love for you, when things seem to go "bad"? Or, do you only have faith when things seem to be going "good"?

Your faith in God's love for you must be constant, and not change with everything that happens to you. God's love for you does not change, so why does your faith change? Are you basing your faith in God's love for you, on the events in the world? The world will pass away, and your physical body will die? Does that mean that God does not love you? If you get sick, and you certainly have gotten sick before, does that mean God does not love you? If you get hurt and feel pain, and you certainly have, does that mean that God does not love you? Who does God love the most, the rich or the poor? If you lose your money, does that mean God does not love you? Did Jesus have a lot of money? Did the disciples or the prophets have a lot of money?

Your life in the world is like a vapor. It passes away so quickly and you leave this dimension. Some people have physical deformities or handicaps. Does God love them? Does God love the blind or the lame? Does God love the homeless? Does God love the drug addict?

You must stop looking at physical events as proof of anything. Your faith in God's love for you must be unshakable. You must be convinced that God loves you. You must be sure and confident that God loves you. You must KNOW that God loves you. You must be certain.

88. Forgiveness and Compassion

In this physical world, hardly anyone knows what is "strength".

Everyone thinks that strength is physical. For example: how much weight a person can lift, or how fast can someone run. But this is not strength at all.

There are many contests of physical strength. For example: the Olympic games, iron man contests, the tour-de-france, and world championships in many sports. Every country has many types of physical sports and competitions.

This worship of physical things, blinds everyone to the real meaning of strength. Physical strength has no lasting importance or meaning. Physical strength is not strength at all, it is only an illusion of something.

Everyone in the world grows old. Where is their physical strength, when a person is old and dying? Look at little old gray haired men, who can barely walk, and who can barely talk. Once they were young, and maybe they thought they were strong. Maybe they won some sort of physical competition or contest.

True strength does not vanish with old age. Spiritual strength is the only strength. Spiritual strength endures forever, therefore it is "real". Spiritual strength has meaning and importance.

What is spiritual strengthWhat is spiritual strength?

It may seem strange to you or even unbelievable, but forgiveness and compassion is spiritual strength. When you forgive those who have done you wrong, and have compassion on those who mistreated or abused you, then you are showing great inner strength, which is spiritual strength. You are looking beyond the world and the things that may have happened to you in the world, and you are looking to eternal and spiritual things. It takes spiritual strength to look beyond the world and the events that seemed to have happened to you.

Jesus showed us what spiritual strength is. He had forgiveness and compassion on those who harmed him. His forgiveness and compassion was strength itself. He looked beyond the events in the world. He had spiritual strength. He showed us how to be "truly strong". He told us to forgive and have compassion on those who persecute us. Jesus was teaching us to be spiritually strong.

Forgiveness and compassion is strength. Be strong and forgive, and look beyond the world.

89. Speak Only of the Good in Others

When you speak of the good in others, then you are speaking truly.

If you condemn or find faults in others, then you are merely believing in the illusions of the world. You are putting importance on the world and the things of the world. You are seeing the superficial things and not looking deep within. You are causing stress, conflict and strife.

When you say good things about others, you are promoting the truth, and providing healing. When you compliment someone, you make them feel good. When you send a thank you card to someone, then you are building their self-esteem. When you tell others about the good things that someone has done, then you are making everyone love and appreciate that person, and causing everyone to believe in the goodness of their brethren.

We must believe in the goodness of our brethren. Faults are inconsistent with our spiritual reality. Therefore, faults are illusions. Every newborn baby shows you the spiritual reality of that person. They are divine and perfect and nothing in the world will ever change this truth. Even though, the world will confuse them and accuse them of error, the reality remains the same. The so called "bad" things that people do in the world are not important, and they reveal nothing about the real person. They are proof of nothing.

Remember this: Anything that is done in the world, that others call "bad", is caused by the intense stress of the world. It is caused and provoked by the confusion of the world. The insanity of the world causes people to behave in confusing ways, but this is not their reality. The newborn baby is not "bad". It never changes and becomes "bad". It is forever wonderful and good.

Greed and pride is taught, by all the competition in the world. The illusions and vanity of materialism is the reason many are so confused.

When you speak of the goodness of others, then you are blessing everyoneWhen you speak of the goodness of others, then you are blessing everyone. We all affect one another. The collective happiness of all is our goal. See no error in anyone, but ignore all those confusing things, and mark them down as unimportant, and meaningless.

Believe in the oneness of allBelieve in the oneness of all.

Don't be deceived and think you are spiritually separate from others.

We all need the healing words and thoughts that give reality awareness. To be aware of your reality, means that you are aware of the truth of your infinite and eternal goodness.

90. Things Not to Do

The golden rule says: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

This is a fine statement. It tells us to "treat others as we want to be treated".

But is it all that is needed, for everyone?

Let's suppose for an example, that a person feels guilty for something they have done. And that person wants to be punished for their "sins". Let's suppose that this hypothetical person wants to receive punishment, because they want their anxiety to "go away". They are under the illusion that; "If they are punished, then they have paid for their sin or mistake". They want to be punished, so their conscious can stop bothering them. They can then say, "I have done wrong, but I have been punished, and paid for my sins".

Now back to the golden rule. If this hypothetical person follows the golden rule, then they would want to inflict punishment upon others. The reason is: "Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you". They want to be punished for their sins; therefore, if they do unto others as they want others to do to them, then they would want to punish others. Because they want to be punished.

This means that the golden rule is fine for those who don't want to be punished. But it is not fine for those who want to be punished. Therefore, a set of other rules is necessary that tells those hypothetical people, "What not to do".


Some of these rules are listed below.

Do not hurt anyone's feelings.

Do not criticize or condemn anyone.

Do not make anyone feel guilty, for anything you think they have done.

Do not slander or talk behind someone's back.

Do not see sin or fault in anyone.

Do not stress anyone out.

Do not be arrogant or proud and cause others to feel inferior.

Do not tell anyone they are lost and going to hell.

Do not think that you are separate from, or better than your brethren.

Do not hate anyone.

Do not punish anyone.

Do not think that anyone is in need of punishment.

Do not stop loving anyone, never stop loving everyone, never, never, never!

91. Do you appreciate Wisdom and Understanding

Have you ever heard the old saying, "You never appreciate the water, until the well runs dry."?

This is so true. We often need to be reminded of the great importance of water.

This is true, not only of water but of light. Recently the electrical power went out, unexpectedly. It was at night and there was an overcast sky. The house went totally black. You couldn't see anything, not even your hand in front of your face. It even felt dark. It seemed that you couldn't even breathe. Some how we found a flashlight and it was much better. But the shadows were still there, because the flashlight couldn't produce enough light. This experience really made us appreciate the light.

The same thing is true of Wisdom and Understanding. We never think about the great value of Wisdom and Understanding. What if we couldn't think? What if we couldn't understand anything? What if confusion caused us to be anxious or afraid?

We must learn to appreciate God's Wisdom and Understanding, which He has given to us. God's Wisdom and Understanding delivers us from darkness, which is confusion. God's Wisdom and Understanding is also called God's Light. God's light teaches us good things, and guides us into perfect peace and joy. We are contented and at rest, when we understand the truth of God's Love.

We must remember the goodness of God, as we go through our daily lives in the world.

Psalm 30:4 - Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His Holiness.

 Jesus gives us the Light, which is the Truth of God's Love.

John 1:4 - In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

John 12:46 - I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.


Appreciate the Understanding and the Wisdom God has given you.

I Thessalonians 5:18 - In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

92. Safeguard Everyone's Emotional and Mental Condition

Your mental stability is based on the way others treat you, and your strength of faith. For a person to be mentally stable, there needs to be an environment that nurtures stable thoughts, which promote calm and peace. Mental instability is a result of: exploitation, abuse, cruelty, oppression, and stress.

Innocence, gentleness and meekness is not a sign of mental instability. On the contrary, it is a sign of good mental health. Those who are innocent, gentle and meek are more calm and peaceful than others. They lead happier lives than others. They enjoy things more than others.

But, those who are innocent, gentle and meek are often driven to show signs of mental instability, by the stress and oppression of those who are cruel and insensitive. Those who are: mean, cruel, unmerciful, greedy, and oppressive- see the meek and gentle as weaker than themselves, because the meek and gentle don't like to argue or fight back. Therefore, the cruel and oppressive person tries to dominate and rule the meek and gentle. They falsely accuse the meek and gentle of some meaningless error. They abuse the meek and gentle with deceptive, and cruel words, and they cause signs of mental instability. They cause confusion.

If you care for othersIf you care for others, then you want them to be happy, with good mental and emotional health. You want them to be calm and have peace. You must safeguard everyone's emotional condition, by being careful not to confuse or stress anyone.

Loving others is safeguarding their mental and emotional conditionLoving others is safeguarding their mental and emotional condition. How can you say you love someone, if you harm them emotionally? How can you love someone and at the same time cause them stress and anxiety. Love means to protect and comfort, not to oppress or abuse.

Mental and emotional abuse is a terrible thing. It takes a long time, with much healing therapy to help someone recover from the pain of mental and emotional abuse. The meek and gentle are vulnerable to mental and emotional abuse by the cruel and insensitive.

Be careful not to cause anyone mental or emotional trouble. Your words can hurt. Don't scold or accuse anyone of error. Don't find fault or condemn others. Protect them from stress and confusion. Love does not condemn or accuse. Love sees no fault. Love safeguards the mental and emotional condition. Love protects. Love nurtures good self-esteem.

Love, means to protect others from anything that causes: stress, fear or anxiety, and to gently lead them into heavenly spiritual, and celestial concepts, and away from carnal, physical thoughts.

93. What is a Remnant of Guilt?

There are different steps you must take, as you awaken from the insanity and confusion of the world. These steps lead you to reality awareness.

When you are young, you must be taught the things you can comprehend. When you are able to receive more understanding, then you are taught "higher" concepts. This is not to say, that the things you were taught earlier, were not true. They were true for you, at the time. They were the concepts that you needed at the time.

Every religion in the world teaches man to ask God for forgiveness. They all teach a way to be forgiven, and thus help man to overcome the terrible sting of guilt. They all teach man to have faith and believe in God's forgiveness.

But this is only one step in your awakening to reality awarenessBut this is only one step in your awakening to reality awareness. To believe in forgiveness is good, but it implies that, "you have been bad, or imperfect". If you believe that you have done terrible things, and that you are forgiven, merely because God has grace and mercy on you, then you retain a remnant of guilt within your mind. Your mind thinks, "You have done bad things, and you must be bad", but "God forgives bad people". Your mind thinks, "God's forgiveness does not make me good, it merely forgives my badness".

As long as you believe that you have sinned, and done "bad things", then you are in need of reality awareness. You retain within your mind a sense of imperfection. This sense of imperfection is a remnant of guilt. Many young Christians often say, "I'm not perfect"!

Believing in God's forgiveness is a first step and a necessary step on the road to reality awareness. You must pass this way, before you can get to the next step. You must be humble, before you can be enlightened.

The next step is to realize the unreality of all sin and guilt. The next step is to realize your eternal perfection and see that your so called sins, were merely illusions. This is the way to remove any remnant of guilt, within your mind. You have never "really" done wrong.

Reality awarenessReality awareness, means to comprehend your spiritual reality. All the things you think you did wrong are meaningless. All of your sin is nothing. All of your guilt is based on nothing. Only the worldly mind and ego could see sin and guilt. The world is nothing, and all actions in the world.

You must reach the level of understanding where, you see the eternal perfection of yourself and all of your brethren. Then you can see the illusions of the world, and the reality of your divine spirit.

94.  Some Churches are driven by Greed

Some Churches want you to keep attending "Their" church, and not to go to any other church. They teach you the same doctrine, which is driven by greed. This doctrine is: "Our church is right, and other churches are wrong". They all teach that: "Their way is the only way".

The Catholics teach that: "The Protestant denominations are false". The Protestant denominations teach that: "The Catholic church is false". The Jehovah Witnesses teach that "They" know the truth, and others are lost. Other denominations teach that: Jehovah Witnesses are wrong. Jews teach that "they" are right, and others are wrong. There are many denominations and each of them believe that "they" have a lock on the truth. Mormons, Baptists, Holiness, Pentecostal, Methodists, and all the many denominations teach that "they" know the truth, and that you should go to their Church. There are many sects within the Jewish, Buddhist, and Moslem religions. These sects teach that "they" alone, know the truth, and that the other sects are wrong. The same goes with every religion and every denomination. They all want you to believe in their church, which is a doctrine of exclusion, rather than of inclusion.

I attended a church where the preacher said, "We know the other church, right down the street is wrong". Is this the way to talk about your brethren? But it's the same message being taught in all these churches. They all talk about each other and condemn each other.

Greed is the reason. Greed drives these churches. Greed causes them to speak against other churches. They don't want you, "straying" from the truth, meaning from their church. They want to keep you right where you are; in their church. They want followers, money givers. Look at the tele-evangelists seeking your money. Can't you see that greed is driving them. Therefore, greed for finances causes them to teach that "they" are right and others are wrong. Greed has caused all of them to lose the primary and fundamental truth, which Heaven is built upon. This truth is: "Oneness of brethren". Spiritually, we are members of one another.

I will now tell you something that hardly anyone knows in the world. Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "What is Truth"? I will now tell you what is Truth. I will give you the definition of Truth.

Truth is the eternal condition. For example: when I say, "God is Good". That is the Truth, because it is the eternal condition. Or when I say, "All brethren are spiritually one". That is the Truth, because it is the eternal condition.

Truth describes the eternal conditionTruth describes the eternal condition.

Truth does not changeTruth does not change. It is the Eternal Condition.

Nevertheless, go to Church and enjoy the presence of your beloved brethren. Enjoy the friendship and fellowship. Bless yourself with the presence of your dear brothers. But, don't get hungup in doctrines of exclusion, and don't condemn or judge anyone else. 

 95. Help your Brethren to Love themselves

 When a person does something that is insane, disgusting, or stupid; they know it. They understand and know their actions are foolish. And for this reason, they hate themselves.

A person who struggles with problems, and seems unable to overcome these problems, will want to die. They want to rid the world of their own insanity. They see no goodness within themselves.

They despise themselves, even if they don't show it outwardly. Therefore, why cause your brethren any more suffering. Why add to their burden of guilt and fear. Why confuse them anymore.

You should have compassion on those who hate themselves. You should see their reality within, and not the illusions of the world. You should love them, and not be concerned with any actions they do in the world. You should help them to love themselves.

This is the way to truly help your brother. He is his own enemy. He needs your help, to protect him from his own sense of imperfection. Your enlightenment and awareness of his perfection, will help him to have mercy upon himself. You must see his goodness within, and encourage him to see the goodness within himself.

Heavenly wisdom is understanding and compassion and love. It does not condemn or judge, because Heavenly wisdom sees the unreality of the world and the unimportance of actions in the world. Heavenly wisdom sees the reality within, the eternal goodness within. You can help your brother, by looking at him with Heavenly wisdom. Your thoughts toward him, affect him.

Remember, your brother is his own worst enemy. He needs to be saved from his own self-condemnation. He need to gain Heavenly wisdom and see his reality within.

Have mercy on your brethren and help them to stop hating themselves. Believe in your brethren and this will help your brethren to believe in themselves. They will see the faith you have in them, and this will cause them to have faith in themselves.

Without faith in yourself, you feel hopeless and imperfect.

Help your brethren to understand their eternal perfectionHelp your brethren to understand their eternal perfection, which is beyond the touch of the insanity of the world.

96. The World is an Illusion of Constant Change

Everything in the world seems to be constantly changing. Everything seems to be evolving.

Look at your own life in the world. You were born a tiny baby, with tiny hands and feet. You were unable to standup or feed yourself. You couldn't talk and you had no teeth. As you began to grow up the body changed. Look in the mirror and see the appearance of change. If you live in this dimension to an old age, then you can see other illusions of change. The body will age and decay. When you get old you look different than when you were a tiny baby, or when you were a young child or adult.

All this makes us think that we are changing and evolving. If you believe in this illusion of change, then you must have anxiety and fear. If you believe that the "real" you is aging and decaying, then you must feel helpless.

The "real" you is spiritual and not physical, therefore you never age or decay. You are perfect and glorious, and you never change. You are love! Love is forever wonderful, and beautiful. You are forever the same. The illusions of change, which you see in the world are not real. They are only illusions in a temporary dimension, that has no reality.

We seem to evolve and change in the world. We seem to grow old. We seem to be imperfect and error, and we then seem to be restored to perfection. This is all an illusion.

You are eternally perfect, all else is an illusion. God says, "I change not!". You are one with God. You are the spirit of Love.

If you identify with the body, which has no reality, then you will be concerned about the apparent changes that you see. If you identify with your spirit, which is your only reality, then you have peace and blessed assurance, and the illusions of the world cannot confuse you.

The Lord told us not to fear the death of the body. If the body meant anything, He would not have said this.

Change is an illusion. You cannot improve, you can only remember, what has always been. To remember: is merely to focus your thoughts on what is already there, within you. All truth and wisdom are always and forever within you, even though it may seem that they have been lost, they are always yours. They belong to you. All perfection is always yours. You cannot lose what is forever. You cannot fail. Only the confused minds of the worldly personality can see imperfection. Love does not change. You are love. Peace be with you. Have faith in your spirit.

 97. Equilibrium and Balance

For a person to physically stand and walk, you must have equilibrium and balance. The inner ear provides the sense of equilibrium and balance. It tells the brain what is up and what is down. Gravity pulls us down, and therefore gravity tells the inner ear what is up and what is down.

When a person loses the inner ear functions, or loses the sense of equilibrium and balance, then they stagger like a drunk man. They spin and fall, because they can't tell the difference between up and down. Have you ever been spun around by a carnival ride or a merry-go-round? Did you feel dizzy, or did you fall down? It's because your physical sense of equilibrium and balance was temporarily confused. The physical functions of equilibrium and balance in the body; correspond to mental and emotional things which relate to the thoughts and beliefs of the mind.

Just like the human body, the mind must have equilibrium and balance. The mind must understand the difference between what is up and down, real and unreal.

Mentally up means - spiritual thoughts aboveMentally up means - spiritual thoughts above.

Mentally down means - physical thoughts belowMentally down means - physical thoughts below.

In order to have good emotional equilibrium and balance, you must always know the difference between higher spiritual thoughts above and carnal physical thoughts below. You must understand that spiritual ideas and thoughts relating to: love, honesty, goodness, mercy, compassion, kindness, brotherhood, and forgiveness, are higher heavenly concepts. They are real (eternal), and correspond to the up direction.

And you must understand that physical ideas and thoughts relating to: money, physical resources, physical sensations, and worldly ideas and worldly things, are lower earthly concepts, they are unreal (temporary) and correspond to the down direction.

If a mother gives a child mixed signals, that is: if the mother praises the child one moment and then condemns or scolds the child the next minute, then the child will be confused as to what is true and what is untrue, what is real and what is unreal. The child will wonder, Am I good? or am I bad? The child will be confused mentally and lose the sense of mental equilibrium and balance. This confusion, which is caused by the mixed signals of the mother, may even cause the child to physically fall, because the things in the mind correspond to the things in the body.

The mother can therefore confuse the child about what is true and what is untrue. The child can be emotionally and mentally confused, and mentally be like the person on a carnival ride or a merry-go-round. That is: they spin and stagger mentally and are unable to see the difference between what is true (up) and what is untrue (down).

 If you become confused about the difference between spiritual concepts and earthly things, then

you are unbalanced emotionally, just like a person who has lost his sense of balance. Mentally you need to understand and know the difference between reality and unreality. Reality is above, unreality is below. Reality is spiritual, unreality is physical. Reality is eternal, unreality is temporary.

As long as you know the difference between the higher, real spiritual things above, which last forever, and the lower physical things below, which are temporary, then you have mental and emotional equilibrium and balance.

You must also understand that you are good and spiritually perfect. You must be able to see the difference between your real wonderful self above (your spirit), and the unreal illusion below, (your physical body).

Don't let anyone ever confuse you about what is true and what is untrueDon't let anyone ever confuse you about what is true and what is untrue. Believe in the truth of your higher perfect reality. Don't be confused by the world, and by those confused people in the world who find fault and try to condemn you. Don't let anyone confuse your beliefs in eternal spiritual truths.

98. There must be mutual respect between a man and a woman

When a woman thinks that she is mentally superior to her husband, then the man has no reason to continue with herWhen a woman thinks that she is mentally superior to her husband, then the man has no reason to continue with her. When she thinks that he is inferior to her superior wisdom, then she closes the door of her mind to him. She closes the door to her understanding and thoughts. She doesn't want him in her mind. She doesn't value his opinion. She feels mentally and intellectually superior. She doesn't want his ideas. When she closes this mental door to him, then there is no reason for the man to continue with her.

A woman is left a widow, when she has closed the door of her understanding, and regards herself with great self-esteem, and has little or no regard for the man's thoughts. She is left alone. She is left to herself. She feels abandoned, but who has abandoned who? She closed the door of her understanding to the man, and stopped respecting his thoughts or opinions.

If a man and a woman do not share the same ideas or thoughts, then living in the same house is misery for them both. If the woman loves her own ideas, and sees herself as wiser than her man, then the man cannot continue with her. She has closed the door of her mind to him.

Understanding without affection is only loneliness and sorrowUnderstanding without affection is only loneliness and sorrow.

When a widow lives alone, she will be lonely. She will miss the love and affection that she once knew. She will gradually learn to value affection. She will learn to appreciate the love and affection that the man once gave her.

When a woman is wise in her own eyes, she has no regard or respect for the understanding or thoughts of the man, but after she lives alone for a while, she will need to feel the affection of the man.

This is how a woman comes to appreciate love and affection. She will gradually learn that understanding without love is nothing. She will learn that living alone with her own thoughts is pure misery.

When a woman is humble, she respects the opinions of others, and therefore appreciates the presence of others with her. When a woman is humble, she no longer despises the thoughts and ideas of others, compared to her own thoughts and ideas. When she is humble, she is open minded. Until she is humble and open minded, she makes everyone around her miserable, by dominating everyone, and showing disrespect to others. Until she is humble and open minded to others, she is conceited and hateful. She radiates negative thoughts to everyone, because she sees everyone as inferior to herself. Therefore, she must live alone until she learns to appreciate others.

 99. Your Awareness of Innocence

Have you ever noticed that some people make you feel unhappy?

There are some people who cause you unhappiness, and you can't quite understand how they are able to do it.

When a person talks about negative things, and thinks negative thoughts, then they are spreading gloom and doom. They are making everyone around them depressed and unhappy. When they complain constantly, and see no goodness in anyone or anything, and blame everyone and the world for their problems, they are making everyone around them unhappy.

The reason they speak negatively and complain, is because they have no faith in God's love. They don't see God at work in their lives. They only see trouble. Their thoughts and the words they speak, reveal their lack of faith, and also their unhappy condition. Being around them makes you feel unhappy.

But why does it make you unhappy, just to be around them? How does their negative thoughts and negative words, make you feel unhappy?

The reason is they affect your awareness of innocence. When you are happy and full of joy, and full of faith in God's love, then you see no problems or negative things. You see only positive things. You see innocence within little babies, within yourself and within others.

You love everyone. You have the awareness of innocence. You see no fault, guilt or sin.

When a negative person constantly speaks of negative things, and constantly complains about everyone and everything, they are destroying your awareness of innocence.

For example, a negative person will always speak negatively of others in this way, "That person is no good, because they did this or they did that". Therefore they cause you confusion about the goodness of others. They destroy your thoughts concerning innocence within your brethren. And destroy your awareness of innocence.

Negative people spread confusion about the goodness of your brethrenNegative people spread confusion about the goodness of your brethren! They see no goodness in anyone, not even within themselves. They are not aware of their own innocence! Therefore they have destroyed their own happiness.

Don't let them destroy your happiness. Because if you are around negative people, their negative thoughts and words will have a negative effect on your happiness. Believe in the innocence of yourself and your brethren, and don't listen to negative words that try to confuse you.

100. The Real Answer to every Question is Infinite

When we are young, we are given simplistic answers to our questions. Because simple answers are all we can receive. When we are older and wiser, we receive more detailed answers to our questions. The wiser you become the more detail, and the more depth you can receive.

For example: If a child asks the question, "Where do babies come from?" You would give a simple answer, possibly this: "Babies come from the hospital". or "Babies come from their mommies and their daddies". But what is the "Real Answer" to this question? Do babies come from Heaven? Do babies come from God? Do babies come from the spirit of love?

The answer is obviously beyond our comprehension. The answer is beyond this dimension. The depth of the answer is much deeper than we can understand. And what is truly amazing; the "Real Answer" is beyond every dimension. Even in higher dimensions, where the answers to questions are much more detailed and divine than in this dimension, the "Real Answer" is beyond even their comprehension! This means that the "Real Answer" is Infinite!

The answer to every question is InfiniteThe answer to every question is Infinite! Another example: "What is Love?" A simple answer would be, "God is Love." Another answer, would be, "Love is the spirit of limitless, eternal goodness and virtue". But you see, the "Real Answer" is beyond this. Because, your could then ask many other questions, such as, "What is God?", or "What is goodness and virtue?" or "What is limitless and eternal?"

We receive the answers to our questions meant for us, as we are able to receive them. As we are able to receive more, then we get more. But all the answers are correct, no matter what the level of your understanding. Even if you can understand divine and heavenly concepts, you understanding is still nothing, in comparison to the "Infinite Truth"! One level of understanding is no better than another level, as long as it suits and satisfies you. That's why no one is better than any one else, no matter the level of understanding or so called education.

Every question you can ask, has an infinite answerEvery question you can ask, has an infinite answer. There are quick and simple answers to every question, but they do not explain completely. No answer can ever explain a question completely. A library full of millions of books cannot explain completely, even the complete answer to a single question!

Another example, ask yourself the question, "Who and what am I?" A quick and simple answer may be, "I am a human being, a man or a woman.", or "I am a child of God." But you see, then you can ask for a more complete answer by saying, "But what is a man or a woman?" or "What is a child of God?" This can go on and on. The "Real Answer" to this and every question is Infinite! Wisdom is infinite! Be happy, you are Wisdom!

101. What can you do to Help your Brethren

What can you do to help your brethren the most?

The best thing you can ever do is- to be a living example, to your neighbors, and brethren, on how to live a good, peaceful, honest, and sincere life.

In other words, be a good neighbor in your community; let others see your example of goodness and honesty; be a stabilizing example in your neighborhood, which gives direction and hope to all who see you, in your community. And, they do see you, even though you may not know it.

Live a good life, and others will be blessed, just by seeing your example.

The happiest people must be those, who know that, "they are already doing God's will, by the good life they are living".

This is a great mystery: "By helping one, you have helped all"! Because, we are members of one another. Which means that each man is a combination or composite of all the brethren. If you have been a good example to even one person, then you have "really- spiritually", helped all of your brethren.

 102. Don't Look Back or Second Guess Yourself

Have you ever said, "I wish I could do that again?"

I'm sure you have heard the comment- "Hindsight is 20-20". But think about this- "You had to do exactly what you did, at the time." You did the best you could at the time. When children paint pictures with water colors or crayons, they are doing the best they can at the time. The grades you received in Elementary and High School were the best you could do at the time. If you say, "No I could have done better, if I had only tried.", then ask yourself, "Would changing anything make a difference in your understanding of God's Love?"

No one is better or worse than anyone else. Don't be judgmental or compare the actions of others. The illusions of failure and error, are there for a good purpose, but they are not there to hurt you or condemn you. Only you can condemn yourself. God does not condemn. Jesus tells us plainly, "Condemn not and you will not be condemned." The reason is- only you condemn yourself. If you don't judge against yourself, then you have no condemnation.

God is helping us to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of imperfection. God is restoring our confidence and awareness, that we are perfect. God is showing us the unimportance of the world and actions in the world. This world is so confusing and meaningless. Don't look back and think you could have done differently. Do you think the confusion of the world did not affect you? We will overcome the confusion of the world. Jesus has overcome the world, and with His help, we will too. We are one with Him, He in Us, and We in Him. We are members of one another. We must not condemn anyone for anything, or regret anything. Just let God lead you into understanding His Great Love.

Don't look back in time and question your actions. Everything that you have ever done was necessary to be done and "Meant To Be". You have a path to follow, but so does everyone. No one follows the same path. Don't condemn anyone for anything, including yourself.

We all would change things in the past, if we could. But would changing the past be the right thing to do? If those events in our past, were not allowed to happen, then- Are you sure that you would learn to understand God's Great Love?

Everything had to happen exactly as it did, not only in your life but in the lives of everyone. We all are learning to understand God's Love.

Don't blame yourself, or regret anything you ever did, because it all had to be. God will comfort you from your fear and grief. God will wipe away all of your tears. God will take away all of your worries and regrets. Why will God do all of this? Because He loves you!

 Paul, who wrote many books in the New Testament, said of himself, "I am the chief of sinners"!

If Paul had not done the things he did, prior to awakening to the Truth of the Lord, then he would not have been ready to receive the things God gave him. He had to walk the path that was meant for him. Paul's life was ordained and planned and overseen by the Lord. God knew him before he was born. God knew what he would do in the world. Did God prevent Paul from doing those things, which Paul later regretted? No, Paul had to go through the things meant for him. Paul finally reached the understanding of God's Love, and then shared his understanding of God's Love with us all. All of his past actions mean nothing.

It is the same with you and all of your brethren. We walk different paths, but they all lead to the same place. That place is understanding God's Love.

Everyone goes through the things which only they can endure and handle. You cannot handle the things another person is going through and no one can handle the things you are going through.

When it seems that some have it harder than others, Think Again! The person who outwardly shows little sign of problems, may be carrying a burden that you cannot see. You cannot know how another feels, until you walk in his shoes.

God is giving us awareness of our Eternal Perfection, and of His Great Love, which is Our Great Love, because we are one with Him.

Don't let the illusions of the world, cause you to forget the Wonderful Sweet Spirit of eternal Love, which you really are. Don't worry, God won't let you forget!

Think of Love only.

 103. Don't Believe Every Wind of Doctrine

Ephesians 4:14 - That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; KJV

James 1:5 James 1:5 - If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. NIV

James 1:6 James 1:6 - But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. NIV

1 John 2:27 1 John 2:27 - But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. KJV

Don't be deceived by every preacher you hear. God gives you wisdom. You know the truth, so why do you need to receive doctrine from anyone?

You know what Jesus said, "Love one another." If you love, then you have done it all.

When you go shopping in the supermarket; you see thousands of different kinds of foods. Not everything for sale in the supermarket is good for you to eat. You have to be the judge and use your wisdom when you shop. You have to buy those things that you know are good for you, and will not cause you any health problems. If you shopped without wisdom you would buy every kind of junk food available, and your health would quickly deteriorate.

You have to use your wisdom, in the same way, when you hear preachers or churches trying to convince you of their doctrines.

Don't think that you are dumb and preachers are smart. When you love others, you are wise.

False doctrines are like wind, trying to blow you in a certain direction.

Don't let any church or preacher scare you about your salvation. Don't be afraid of their false doctrines and don't believe any false doctrine. Your salvation is sure, not because you go to any certain church or because you have done certain rituals or said certain things in public. Your salvation is certain, because God Loves You, and that is all that is important. Don't believe in any doctrine, except the doctrine of God's Love.

104. God is Always Loving You


(1). Why don't you believe that God Loves you?

(2). Why don't you Love yourself?


Why don't you believe that God Loves youWhy don't you believe that God Loves you?

Are you aware that God loves you always and forever, or are you full of doubt? God is always loving you! You doubt God's Love, because you see imperfection and guilt in yourself. You are thinking from the worldly mind, and not spiritually. You are not a physical body. You have never really been a physical body, that is an illusion. Why do you blame yourself for things that you think you have done wrong, in illusions of the body?

You seem to be in an illusionary world, and full of confusion. It seems real to you, but it actually has no reality. Anything that you believe that you have ever done wrong, was not actually done, but only seemed to be done. Real things cannot happen in an illusionary world! No imperfection really exists! Things of confusion and darkness have no meaning or reality!

Remember this: You are not a physical body, that is an illusion! You are infinite and eternal! All the imperfections that you believe you have done are absolutely nothing!


Why don't you Love yourself?

You don't love yourself, because you see imperfections in yourself. That means you are not thinking truly. You are holding yourself in guilt and the illusions of imperfection. You have no other enemy, except your own confusion. You don't love others for the same reason, because you see imperfections in your brothers.

When you become wise and think spiritually, then you will see the unreality of the world. Then you will see the unimportance of actions in the world. Then you will see your glorious spiritual reality, and understand the Love of God. Then you will Love yourself.

You have never really done wrong! Can't you see the unreality of anything you think you have done wrong? God knows your innocence! You are Love!

Rise above confusion, doubt and darkness, for they do not really exist. Rise up, into spiritual truth and love. Imperfections have never existed and cannot exist, because God is perfect, and you are one with God, and nothing else really exists. Perfection and innocence are eternal!

Imperfection does not exist!

105. What Does A Person Leave Behind?

What will you leave behind, when you leave this world?

Think of some of your loved ones who have passed on. What have they left behind?

Have you ever had a cute little puppy or little kitten? Their short lives are so fleeting. What did they leave behind? Are not their memories all that remain?

The same is true of us. All we leave behind are memories, for others to see. The love that we give creates fond memories. The compassion that we show, creates lasting memories. The happiness and joy that we share, creates warm memories.

Nothing that you build in this world will last. Only the good memories you leave behind will last.

If you want to leave your children a good inheritance, then leave them a treasure of warm memories. Leave them riches that will not fade away. Leave them loving memories, so they will be happy, when they remember you. Leave them joyful memories, that will last them a lifetime.

All the little things you do from love and mercy and compassion, will leave permanent memories on the minds of your loved ones. Don't try to accomplish something "Big". Don't try to impress others with your great wisdom.

Simply go through your life in this world with a slow pace, and remember that you are like the cute little puppy or little kitten, you will leave behind loving memories. Someone will remember you in a fond way.

The little things are important. The simple things will create lasting memories. The poor woman in the Bible will always be remembered for giving the tiny amount of money, because it was all she had. She gave out of faith and love.

You too can create memories that will last, by doing everything from faith and love.



People will remember you, not for the things you said, but for the simple things you did from love.