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41. Your self-esteem must not be based on things of the world

42. Your awareness concerning self-esteem fluctuates

43. All learning is so you will know yourself

44. We are not being tested in the world

45. Not one in their right mind would want to live in the world

46. There is no punishment for sin, except in confused minds

47. God loves and sees no error

48. Nothing that happens in the world has any "Real" importance

49. Every man is an Angel acting out the part, "HE" chose to play

50. Nothing bad happens, or has ever happened

51. Nothing is dirty, but as you think

52. Every person is a reflection of the beauty of Love

53. Do not hold your thoughts in physical unreality

54. God is Love. How could He be angry or have wrath?

55. The True way to help others

56. Are you in your right mind?

57. Romance of the sleeping Angel

58. Since death is only an illusion, then suicide is meaningless

59. The ego is sustained by false self-esteem

60. Realize your Oneness

41. Your self-esteem must not be based on the things in the world

The reason for living is to know yourself, and know God's love for you. Having good self-esteem is in fact knowing yourself. You cannot have good self-esteem if you base your self-esteem on things that you do, or happen to you in the world.

If you base your self-esteem on how others view you, or praise you, then you will be very confused. For, you may be praised one day and criticized the next day. The world loves to make people feel guilty, to find criminals, to punish sinners. In other words, the world loves to destroy your self-esteem.

If your self-esteem is based on your position, or power, or money in the world, then it is on unstable ground. Because, you may have money, or power one day, and feel so good about yourself, and the next day be moneyless and powerless. Someday you will leave it all behind.

If your self-esteem is based on your physical looks, then it certainly won't last. The body will grow old and decay. Aging will affect you. Look at all the beautiful movie stars after they are old. Their physical beauty is gone, and they become recluses in their homes, hiding themselves from the eyes of the public. Even young people can have scars, or burns that disfigure them, and change their outward appearance. People can become paralyzed and handicapped.

If your self-esteem is based on your actions in the world, then you certainly must admit that some of your actions have not pleased you. Do not let the illusions of guilt destroy your self-esteem. Guilt is based on actions in the world. You cannot feel good about everything you have done, unless of course you have great spiritual understanding and see the reasons behind all of your actions. Your actions cannot be the basis for your understanding and your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem must be based on faith in God's infinite loveYour self-esteem must be based on faith in God's infinite love. You must be sure that God Loves you and really is happy with you. You must be convinced that God is not concerned with your: position, power, money, looks, or actions in the world. You must know that God has always loved you and that God will always love you, and nothing will ever change His love.

You cannot impress God with your actions, nor can you disappoint God with any of your actions. God knows you infinitely and loves you. God understands all of the reasons behind your actions in the world. Therefore, you are not condemned nor judged. God will never see guilt in you.

Believe in God's eternal love for you. Not, because you have done or said good things, nor because you have money, or have physical beauty. Believe in God's love because you are His beloved child, and have always been, because this is the truth.

42. Your awareness concerning self-esteem fluctuates as you learn

As we learn "who" and "what" we are, our understanding is restored. If you are confused about yourself, and you don't know yourself, then your self-esteem will be confused. Have you ever said , "I don't know what made me do that". We must understand that we are composite beings. We share one another's thoughts and affections. We share the burden of one another's confusion. This means we endure one another's insanity's. This is like being crucified. As we endure and carry one another's confusion and fears, we are affected by the sum of the burdens we carry.

Jesus was suffering on the cross and carried the burdens of all of our insanity's, and when the burden of all that confusion was great, he said, "Father, Why have you forsaken me". Even Jesus felt abandoned.

We also, feel abandoned at times, because like Jesus, we are composites of all our brethren, and we carry the burden of all confusion and insanity's. Our brethren carry the burden of our confusion and insanity's. We are affected by the state of being of all our brethren, in a combined way.

Therefore, our self-esteem fluctuates as we grow in wisdom. We grow together in wisdom.

We must learn to "believe" in ourselves, and have "faith" in ourselves. We must not look at our actions, thoughts or outward appearances to judge against ourselves. Do not judge yourself or any one as being "bad". Carrying the burdens of one another's insanity's will cause suffering in us, and at times make us feel abandoned. This is only enduring your cross.

In reality we are absolutely pure and perfect. In truth we are innocent, and wonderful. Nothing that appears to happen in the world has really happened, because this world and everything in it (except love) is only illusion. You have never "really" made any mistakes. You have never "really" done anything wrong. You have never "really" sinned. You have never made God unhappy.

Only your self-esteem has fluctuated, as your understanding fluctuated.

When you really "know yourself", you will be very happy, infinitely happy. Because, you will see the glory and beauty of yourself. And understand that all the imperfections and defects you thought you saw in yourself, were only illusion and confusion.

Therefore, believe in yourself and in your brethren, and don't look at outward actions in the world as anything, or proof of anything. For, if you believe in yourself, you are believing in God, because you are one with God, along with your brethren.

43. All Learning Is So You Will Know Yourself

Learning in this world (dimension) has only one real purpose; to teach you the truth about "who you are, and who your brethren are". Thus, to teach you to know yourself.

In this dimension of confusion and unreality, it is difficult to understand who we really are.

From a child we are taught that we have made "mistakes". That we have done "wrong". That we are "imperfect". Even as little children, we are taught in school that some are smarter than others. The whole idea of comparing ourselves with our brethren is taught to us. We are told to compete in everything with our brethren. We are taught to compete with our brethren in: athletics, scholastics, jobs, in our dress, and virtually everything else. We are taught to "keep up with the Jones". We are taught to compete for: attention, fame, money, food, and resources.

And since there appears to be a finite (limited) supply of resources in this world, then we begin to believe that competition is necessary. Surely you have heard the saying, "Only the strong survive", and also, "It's a dog eat dog world".

In truth we have no need to compete with our brethren. And all this competition in the world confuses us concerning our oneness with our brethren. We have difficulty understanding "who" and "what" we are. We don't know if we are "good", or "bad". We don't know if our brethren are "good", or "bad".

As we learn in this world, we also learn to forgive and have compassion on our brethren. We see others "apparently" less fortunate than ourselves. Compassion and forgiveness teaches us our oneness with our brethren. We also learn about ourselves, that we are not imperfect, as we were taught as children. We learn that we have love within us. We learn that our brethren have love within them.

When we grow strong in wisdom, then we see that nothing in this world, except love, has any importance or reality. We see the vanity of the world, and the vanity of competing with our brethren for "things". We see our past actions in the world, as only reactions to our environment and all of its pressures on us. We see no one as bad, but only good, including ourselves.

Thus, we come to "Know ourselves", and our brethren.

44. We Are Not Being Tested In The World.

A lot of people are under the illusion that they are being tested in the world. They believe that their actions are being weighted and evaluated, to determine if they meet some standard, or to see if they have performed satisfactorily. They even believe that they are competing with their brethren for entrance into Heaven. They believe that heaven can be won, and that they must perform well in the world, to impress God, and thus be allowed to "go to Heaven".

These ideas are totally false, and only illusions of the ego. The proud and egotistical have developed these "religious" ideas over the centuries. They assumed that God would be like themselves (arrogant and proud), and do as they would do. The proud love to "out do" others for fame and false self-esteem. They always judge everyone as being good or bad. They look at Heaven as some goal to be won. They believe that God is testing them, and that's why they "do everything for show". They want to impress God, and be proud of themselves.

The Truth is: God tests no one. The Truth is: nothing you do in the world has any real importanceThe Truth is: God tests no one. The Truth is: nothing you do in the world has any real importance. God and the Angels (your brethren) awaken you from the sleep of the world, and from illusions of endless competition.

This world is a dimension of unreality. The only thing of value in the world is Love. There are no errors, no mistakes, and no sins, except in the minds of confused brethren. The illusions of sin and guilt are very powerful. They produce anxiety and fear. That is why men have tried so many ways to remove guilt and be clean and free from sin. Some religions wash away sins by confession. others by baptism or sprinkling of water. Other religions demand terrible sacrifices, and often inflict physical pain and suffering on the "guilty". These are only rituals and have no "real" importance. Sin and guilt are only illusions.

Understanding the Truth of Divine Love is the undoing of all these illusions. You are one with God, and have always been. The Son of God is "not guilty', and you are the Son of God. Your divine perfection is eternal. No illusion of guilt or sin can ever destroy your love and your reality. No dimension of unreality can overcome you. You cannot "win" or "earn" Heaven, because it has always been yours. You have nothing to prove to God, nor anything to hide or confess. You cannot "know yourself" and believe in sin and guilt. To "know yourself" is to see your eternal perfection, and the perfection of your brethren.

Any "sin" that you think you have done, in this world of illusion and unreality, was only a reaction, based on your conditions, stress, and misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is not sin. Any action that is not perfect and from love, has misunderstanding within it. As you become more and more enlightened you will see your perfection and goodness. You will awaken to the Truth.

Stop believing in competition among brethren. Stop seeing anyone as guilty. Stop finding fault where there is no fault. Sin and guilt are not real, but only illusions in confused minds. No one is better nor worse. Only different levels of misunderstanding (confusion) have made brethren appear different. Awaken to Love.

45. No One In Their Right Mind Would Want To Live In The World

The world is a dimension of illusion and insanity. The incredible things that seem to be done in the world are beyond belief. But thank God, "Nothing real can be threatened". For this world is only illusion (virtual reality), and is dead.

Look at the insanity of the worldLook at the insanity of the world-

Consider the things that happen to a person in the world. A new born baby is showered with love and affection. The parents, relatives, neighbors and friends are so happy to see the new baby. They bring the baby gifts and laugh as it giggles. They take baby pictures. Grandma knits baby booties. Everyone wants to hold the little sweet baby. As the baby grows up, they shower the baby with: birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, and take more pictures. The baby is loved and protected. Joy and happiness increase.

This same wonderful sweet baby, which is so adored, is treated by the world with incredible pain and suffering, if it makes an error. Teachers or parents can destroy a child's sense of security and self-esteem, by saying: "You failed". A child can be totally devastated. If a little child "breaks the law", they can be tried as an adult, and locked up behind bars like a caged animal. If they get the death penalty, the world will electrocute them, or kill them in some other horrible way. This is absolute insanity. The baby who is so loved and appreciated, is treated worse than any wild animal.

This is only one example of the insanity of the world. Think about all of the ways that the world breaks the hearts of people. You are a failure: if your school grades are not good enough (competition), if you are too fat, if you are too short, if you don't conform to the standards that others have set, if you don't earn a lot of money.

Think of the police brutality. You can be shot dead, if you don't respond to a police command "fast enough", or if the police fear you and are nervous. Think of the all the: fear, insanity, war, famine, disease, floods and storms, pain, death, heartache, suffering. If you "like" all these things and want to live in this dimension of insanity, then you cannot be in your right mind.

Anyone in their right mind would want: eternal peace, eternal joy, eternal security. The world gives you none of this, but gives only illusions of joy, illusions of security, illusions of peace.

Don't you want to leave this dimension of insanity?

46. There is no punishment for sin, except in the illusions of the confused mind

God is not in the punishment business. God sees no error in you, and certainly would never want to hurt you in anyway. God knows that you are in need of awareness concerning your divine self (your reality). But God would never punish you for your lack of understanding. God has never punished anyone, and never will. Because, God is Divine Love. Love does not punish. Love cannot even think of punishment.

Men in the world believe in guilt, error, and punishment. They are confused, because they cannot see the truth of Heaven, and the unreality of the world. If a man loses something that he values, then he believes that he is being punished. Men put value on: money, fame, and outward appearance; things that really have no value. Nothing in the world, except love, has any value.

People lose their: health, wealth, and their loved ones. They blame God for taking these things away from them. They believe that they are being punished for their "sins". They cannot see the reason why these things have happened to them. They do not understand the unimportance of material things. They want to live forever in the world, with good health, a lot of money, and keep their loved ones around them.

When the angels teach us the truth of our divine reality, by showing us the unreality of things in the world, then our life in the world seems threatened. We must understand that our eternal life is not in the world, and that the things of the world are not to be loved. That's why the Bible tells us, "love not the world, nor the things in the world".

When a loved one leaves this world, they are awaking to their divine reality in Heaven. This is not a "bad" thing. We must not be unhappy when one of our brethren escapes the illusions of this world, and is restored to divine understanding and divine reality.

Do not try to preserve your life or your position in the world. Let God teach you the truth concerning what is important, and what is not important. Don't blame God for anything. God is goodness itself. How could you ever believe that God has bad intentions?

Have faith in God's love. You have never made God unhappy. God is not watching over your shoulder to find fault with you, and thus find reason to punish you. Angels of God (love) are watching over you, to help guide you into all Wisdom. Giving up the things of the world is difficult, if you have set your heart on them, and don't want to give them up. Losing money is losing nothing, Losing fame is losing nothing. Losing your health is losing nothing. Losing your loved ones is losing nothing, for they are still with you, but you do not know it. You can lose nothing in the world, and you have never been punished.

47. God loves, and sees no error

Guilt is an illusion of man's ego.

Only the worldly personality sees error. Only the ego (pride) can find fault in others. Those who want to enforce the laws of the world, or judge their brethren, are thinking from pride and egotism. The worldly personality loves to judge others and find fault, where there is no fault.

God has no arrogance, or egotism, and does not judge, or see guilt or error.

This world is only an illusion of reality. But, it appears to be finite, with limited resources, and thus, men compete in every way, for everything. Men believe that they must fight with their brethren for survival. Men always judge others and compare others with themselves. They try to see everything in a ordered list. They see "who's number 1, or 2, or 3". They rank everything. They compare everything. They take pride in being number one. They want to "win". Therefore, they see imperfections and errors in others, and thus, elevate themselves above their brethren.

They do not believe in a joint reality of perfection. They believe in differences among brethren.

All error, and guilt is only an illusion of something, and not "real". Men, who are "not" in their right minds, always see sin and find fault.

Two thousand years ago, the religious leaders, who supposedly were wise, found fault with Jesus. They found error, where there was no error. They saw imperfection, where there was no imperfection. They were the keepers of the law, the law enforcers. If they were in their right minds, they would have seen the innocence of Jesus.

Stop seeing imperfection in yourself, or in your brethren. Stop judging yourself or others. Believe in the truth of our joint perfection. Don't have a "holier than thou" attitude. Love everyone and love yourself. Everyone in this world of illusion needs your compassion and love.

God will awaken you to your glorious reality. All of your illusions of guilt and error will be removed. God will restore you to your right mind. Love will do it.

48. Nothing that happens in the world has any "Real" importance

You may think that the events that "seem" to occur in the world have meaning. You may put great importance on your actions or the actions of others in the world. Actually, all that happens in the world is only illusion, and without any "Real" meaning.

The world is a dimension of illusion and unreality. It is a material, dead world. Nothing glows from within, in the world. It is only a "virtual" reality world. Therefore, nothing that "seems" to happen in the world, has any meaning or importance.

The only thing of value in the world is Love. All the events that "seem" to occur in the world are nothing. All the things of: entertainment, finance, sports, religion, education, politics, war, disaster, disease, drought, and famine are unimportant. Nothing "Real" can ever be threatened. Love is Real. Nothing "real" happens in this unreal dimension.

All the actions that you or anyone has done are unimportant. All the: mistakes, errors, or sins, that you think you have done are nothing. All of your failures are nothing. All of your problems and troubles are nothing. All of your illusions and confused thoughts are nothing.

Love is something, and the Truth of Love has importance. All else is nothing and has no importance. Guilt is nothing. Confusion and misunderstanding is nothing. These things are like smoke or mirages. They have no "reality". They only "seem" to be real.

Therefore, there is nothing to forgive, because nothing "really" happened. It only has importance in the minds of confused brethren. It did not impact the eternal perfection of all brethren. Awareness of our eternal perfection and glorious reality, undoes all "seeming" confusion, along with all fear of imperfection.

Everything that "seems" to happen in the world, did not really happen. The reason is that, time is nothing. A sliver of existence in eternity, has no ratio to all the time that has ever "seemed" to exist. A trillion years of time in the world, is nothing in eternity. Therefore, what is a year, or a lifetime in the world? And, if it is nothing, then it affected nothing. Heaven does not change and the Angels in Heaven do not change. They are forever wonderful and perfect. You are an Angel in Heaven. The time that you think, you have spent in the world is nothing, and never really happened in eternity. If you "seem" to live 100 years in the world, it is absolutely nothing in Heaven. And, all of your actions in the world are nothing, and do not matter. The world cannot change your reality. To know your real self, requires you to understand your unchangeable, and invulnerable divine self. You are not a physical body. You are infinite and eternal, and absolutely perfect. You must understand the difference between what is "real" and "unreal".

49. Every man is an Angel, acting out the part, He chose to play

You are an Angel. All men are Angels. This is absolutely the truth. Every man in the world, is an Angel, who chose to be in the world, and also chose the life he would live in the world. In fact, you chose everything that happens to you. Angels are the Spirits of Love. Angels are the Spirits of God. You are a Spirit of Love. You are a Spirit of God. God is Love.

What do you suppose would be the purpose for Spirits of Love to come into this dimension, that we call the world? The only purpose would be so that the Angels of Love could learn more about Love. That means they learn more about themselves. Thus, they learn more about God.

Love is infinite. This means the magnitude and depths of love are limitless. Therefore, the Angels (we), can gain wisdom and understanding concerning the magnitude of Love. As the Angels increase their awareness of the magnitude of Love, their joy increases. Understanding Love more and more, brings more and more joy and blessedness.

Every man (Angel) in the world is acting out his part, in order to express Love and increase the understanding of Love, in everyone. Even the so called "bad" people (they are not "really" bad), increase the understanding of Love. There is no one that does not increase the understanding of Love.

A grandma shows great tenderness and love to everyone, this allows everyone to see love in action. A child is so innocent and sweet, this reveals Love's innocence and sweetness. A criminal causes everyone to feel love and compassion for the victim, and also for the criminal that receives punishment. Husbands and wives express love to each other and to their children and grandchildren. Nurses, nuns, doctors, preachers, and all people show love. An alcoholic or drug addict causes you to feel pity, compassion and love. A handicapped person causes you to feel love. Anyone who "wrongs" you is there to help you understand love's great forgiveness. Anyone who does "good" to you, is there to help you understand Love's: giving, sharing and caring. Even the illusion of death, causes us to feel great love and remorse at the passing of our brethren. This increases our love for one another.

The only purpose of the world is to increase understanding, concerning the magnitude and depth of Love. This means, that you understand God, yourself and your brethren more. For God, you, and your brethren are Love.

All men are Angels playing their part in understanding Love. Therefore, be grateful for everyone. Because, everyone teaches you something about Love.

50. Nothing "Bad" happens, or has ever happened

Every event in this dimension, that seems to happen, is for a "good" purpose. Therefore, nothing that happens can be called "bad".

You may not understand the reasons for things that happen, and until you do, you may think it was a terrible thing that happened. When you understand the spiritual reason, you will see the "good" purpose for every event, and not be upset about anything that happens. Everything that happens in this dimension is to awaken us to our glorious reality, and show us the unreality of the world. Everything happens to show us our joint perfection, by stimulating: love, compassion, and concern for one another.

All the events that have ever happened, have been for this "good" purpose. Nothing "bad" has ever happened. If you believe that something "bad" has happened, then you are thinking from the worldly mind, and not spiritual. Your body and life in the world is not important, because it is not "real". The "real" you is eternal and divine. The "real" you is an Angel of love. Your "real" life is in Heaven. Heaven is the awareness of your eternal perfection.

All the apparent disasters, that seem so terrible, are to help us awaken to love, and to see our oneness. You cannot blame God for anything that happens in the world, because God is only awakening us from a dream of separation. God is restoring to us the awareness of who and what we are. God is showing us the unimportance of materialism. God is blessing us with spiritual understanding and divine wisdom. God is teaching us the magnitude of love.

Since you are one with God, you do all these things, but you do not know it. If you blame God, then you are really blaming yourself, and all of your brethren. There is no reason to blame anyone for anything, because nothing "bad" has happened. Death is nothing, because the spirit cannot die, and the body is not really alive. Therefore the illusion of death is not a "bad" thing. The same can be said about everything that happens in the world.

The truth is much more amazing than you realizeThe truth is much more amazing than you realize. Every man in the world is an Angel, who decides everything that happens to them, and every situation that happens in the world. This allows you to see the glory and wonderfulness of the Angels in action. When you see a handicapped person, you are really seeing a wonderful Angel, who put himself in that situation, in order to teach you something about love and compassion. When you see a mentally ill person; remember an Angel is teaching you about love and compassion. When you see a violent, or angry person: remember an Angel is teaching you something about forgiveness and mercy. Now you can see the glory of your brethren and of yourself, and the glory of God.

51. Nothing is "Dirty" of itself, but only as you think

If something makes you feel unclean, or feel dirty, then stop doing those things.

Only the worldly minds of men, who are not thinking spiritually, can think of sin and guilt. Because sin and guilt are only illusions of the worldly mind. In reality you and all of your brethren are eternally pure and free from imperfection.

If you believe that you have done something "dirty", its only because you have put importance on your worldly actions. All of your worldly actions are meaningless and unimportant, except as they reveal the magnitude of love, and love's compassion. And they do reveal the magnitude of love, and love's compassion.

You may not understand why you did certain things in the world, but someday you will understand all the spiritual reasons for everything. Everything that you have ever done has been for a "good" reason, and therefore a "good" thing. Do not punish yourself with the illusions of sin and guilt. Think not that you are dirty. Think not that you have done dirty things. Think not that you are imperfect. However, if you think it is unclean, then it is unclean unto you. How you think is the key. Your beliefs are very powerful.

Jesus never called the woman, who was caught in the very act of adultery, a dirty person. Even though, all those gathered around her wanted to kill her for her uncleanness, Jesus saw through all the illusions of sin and guilt, and saw her eternal perfection.

Jesus visited and ate supper in the house of Simon the leper. Even though, Simon was treated by the world as an outcast, an unclean man, but Jesus never saw Simon as being unclean or dirty. He saw through the illusions of the world.

Free yourself from the fear of being unclean. Free yourself from your doubts about your own perfection. You are clean and pure and wonderful. Love yourself as you love your brethren. Love yourself as Jesus loves you.

Nothing can ever make you unclean or dirty. Angels are pure and invulnerable. Do not let the illusions of sin and guilt confuse you about your eternal perfection. You are an Angel of divine love. You do not change with time. Nothing you have ever done, or will ever do in the world will ever change your glorious reality.

Some people who believe in sin and guilt, wash themselves constantly. They wash their hands over and over again, as if to remove the stains of sin and guilt. Thus, to them, they make sin and guilt seem real. But the stains of sin and guilt are on the mind, not on the hands. The only way to remove the stains of sin and guilt is by understanding their unreality. The Truth shall set you free.

52. Every person is a reflection of the beauty of Love

Love is infinite, therefore the beauty of Love is infinite. Love's beauty can be expressed infinitely. You are a reflection of the beauty of Love. Because you are the spirit of Love.

If you cannot see the beauty of Love, its only because you value Love too little; you value yourself too little. You also must look at yourself with spiritual eyes of love. Do not look at the physical body and judge yourself or anyone based on the material shell.

Do not judge yourself or anyone based on actions in the world. For outward actions in the world are proof of nothing. The confusion and insanity of the world causes you to do confusing things. Do not confuse your actions, from stress and confusion, with the real wonderful you. You certainly have been oppressed in the world, even from your birth. How could you believe that oppression and insanity would not affect your worldly actions. You have nothing to be sorry for, or to forgive. You have only reacted to your environment. I'm sure you have heard of the comment that, "The abused will someday abuse others". Therefore, you have only reacted to your environment and experiences. Everyone in the world is only reacting to their environment and experiences. No one is inherently "bad".

If you look beyond the surface of a man, beyond his outward appearance and outward actions, then you can see the beauty of Love. You can see a beautiful child trying to cope with the insanity of the world, dealing with the world's confusion everyday. The world has oppressed, insulted, disrespected, and tried to cause us to be afraid of everything. In spite of all of this oppression and insanity of the world, we still struggle to do good, and we struggle to help our brethren. This reveals the beauty of Love. This shows the goodness and kindness of your spirit.

You must believe in yourself and in your brethren. Do not hold anything against anyone. No action that has ever occurred in the world is important, so how can you hold something against anyone. Can you blame a man, who is in a hurricane, fighting the wind and waves just to survive the journey, for not sailing a straight course? Being in the world is like being in a hurricane of confusion and insanity, how could you blame anyone for any action?

Someday you will awaken from this dimension of insanity, and have total awareness of reality. You will no longer be confused by the world. You will realize the wonderful spirit of Love that you are. You will know yourself. You will love yourself.

53. Do not hold your thoughts in physical unreality

You are a spirit of love. You are infinite and eternal. You are forever divine. What in this dimension of unreality can ever provide you with any joy or fulfillment? You can never be contented with meaningless thoughts of materialism.

As long as you think physical thoughts of unreality, then you are holding yourself hostage to unreality. You are limiting and suppressing your divine self. You are dwelling in illusions of nothing, that have no meaning, and can never be "real".

Witchcraft is anything that keeps your thoughts focused on materialism. Witches are the egos of confused brethren, that think constantly of material things. Even their conversation is only of material and physical things, which have no meaning. And material thought keeps you from thinking truly; which is beautiful thoughts of love and goodness, and thoughts of divine perfection

This world and all in it, except love, is nothing and has no meaning. Therefore, to think thoughts of materialism is to keep your mind on illusions that are nothing.

Nothing in this dimension has any importance, except love, because only Love is "real".

Awaken from the sleep of materialistic thought, and think thoughts of love and goodness. Only you can keep your mind on the world and the things of the world. Nothing has power over you.

Being in the world and in finite material thoughts, is like being confined to a prison; a prison of the mind. Awakening to infinite thoughts of love and goodness, and the awareness of perfection, is like escaping from the prison. You are awakening from nothing to something.

You are not a physical body, but a spirit of love. Remember this: you are Love.

54. God is Love, How could He be angry or have wrath?

The whole idea of God's wrath is false. Only the egotistical minds of the proud could have conceived the notion that, "God gets angry, or takes revenge". The Bible speaks of this, because it was written to separate the ego(pride) of the world, from your "real" self within.

If the thought of losing your life in the world makes you afraid of God; then you do not know God. If the thought of hell fire makes you afraid of God; then you do not know God. If you believe that God gets angry, then of course, you must be afraid. If you believe that God sees any fault in you, then of course, you must be afraid. If you believe that God is a God of wrath, then of course, you must be afraid.

If you are afraid of God and afraid of what your future will be, then you do not know anything true concerning God, but you are very confused. If you judge God based on the events in the world, then you do not know God or yourself.

This world is a dimension of unreality and illusion. It is full of arrogance and pride. Nothing that happens to the body or to anything in the world is important. It does not tell you anything about God. The physical body is not the "real" you. This world is not Heaven. Heaven is eternal and real. This world is only a temporary illusion. If apparent disasters in the world confuse you about God, then you are believing that material things are important and should be preserved. These apparent disasters teach us compassion and love. We feel sorry for victims of disaster. Understanding love is the only purpose for any apparent disaster. It is not a "bad thing" when an illusion is destroyed.

If you want some help in trying to understand God, then think of the most beautiful newborn baby that you have ever seen. Think of the sweet innocence and perfection of the baby. Think of the goodness and purity of the baby. The baby has no anger. The baby sees no fault. God is exactly like the newborn baby. For He is the newborn baby.

Anger and revenge are of the world and egotistical. God is never angry nor egotistical.

God is the Eternal Spirit of Divine Love. Does that seem threatening to you?

55. The True Way to Help Others

The way to help your brethren is to show them love, by helping them have good self-esteem.

Every one in this world needs the same thing. We all need to know that we are love. And we all need to know that we have value.

The illusions of sin and guilt make you feel like you are imperfect and have no value. These are illusions and have no importance at all. God loves you and sees your eternal value. God never sees the illusions of sin and guilt. Only the worldly mind, with its pride could see the illusions of sin and guilt.

You have eternal and infinite value, because you are the spirit of Love. All the illusions of the world can never change your true value. Nothing can make you imperfect.

If you tell someone that they are a failure and good for nothing, then you are destroying their sense of self-esteem. You are confusing them concerning their true self. You are putting importance on the things in the world, and you believe in the illusions of sin and guilt. You are doing your brethren no good, but you are confusing them more.

If you truly love your brethren, then you want to restore them to good mental health. You want to awaken them from the unreality of the world. You want them to understand that they are good. You want them to know that God is not unhappy with them. You want them to be happy, without any fear. You want to restore their self-esteem, which the world has destroyed.

If you help your brethren to understand that they are wonderful and perfect, then you have helped them more than anything else you could ever do. Being saved means: you are saved from the confusion of imperfection. You are restored to your right mind. You understand yourself and God, that you are perfect and good. Salvation is: understanding the truth, that you are a wonderful, perfect, child of God.

Jesus is the Truth of God's love. If you want to lead someone to Jesus, then lead them to understanding the Truth of Love. This means understanding the truth about yourself. Because you are the spirit of Love. To know yourself is to understand the Truth of Love. If you want to save someone, then tell them the truth of their perfection and the unreality of their illusions of sin and guilt.

Nothing that you ever do in the world is more important than sharing the awareness of the perfection of God's children, which gives your brother true self-esteem.

56. Are You in Your Right Mind?

Do you ever wonder, "If you are in your right mind"?

You may appear to the world to be very smart, but are you really in your right mind?

Answer the following questions truthfully, and you will know if you are in your right mind or not.

(1) Do you criticize anyone for anything? yes or no

(2) Do you believe that you are better than anyone else? yes or no

(3) Do you see imperfections in yourself or in others? yes or no

(4) Do you value the world or the things of the world? yes or no

(5) Are you afraid of anything, even of death? yes or no

(6) Do you love everyone the same? yes or no

(7) Do you know yourself? Yes or no

To be in your right mind means that: you are thinking from the Wisdom of Love.

If you criticize anyone for anything, then you are not thinking from love. If you think that you are superior to anyone, then you are proud and not wise at all. If you see imperfections in yourself or in your brethren, then you are putting value on illusions, worldly things that have no value. If you love the world or the things in the world, then you are loving unreality, you are not thinking wisely. If you are afraid of anything, then you are confused. Fear is only the result of being confused and concerned with the things of the world. If you love money, then you will be afraid to lose it. If you believe that the physical body is you, and that it has value, then you will be afraid of death. Being afraid is being blind to spiritual truths.

If you love everyone the same, then you are thinking from the Wisdom of Love. If you truly know yourself, then you can see that you are one with all of your brethren. You know and understand that you and your brethren are Love. You are in your right mind when you know that you are Love.

57. Romance of The Sleeping Angel

You feel an internal delight when you are touched by divine awareness. You feel a wonderful sensation within your spirit, when you begin to realize the truth of your perfection. As you begin to understand yourself, your brethren and God; its like the dawning of a new day. Something magical is happening as you awaken to your divine self.

The Wisdom of Love that teaches you about your perfection, becomes your fascination. You are enchanted by the divine understanding that is dawning on you. You fall in love with the truth. Wisdom becomes your true love. Wisdom becomes your companion and soul mate. You seek Wisdom, because you love Wisdom.

This attraction between you and Divine Wisdom, can be called "Romance of the Sleeping Angel".

Everyone in this dimension is a sleeping Angel, but in the world they seem to be men and they think that they are men. They are unaware that they are: wonderful, divine and perfect. They are unaware that they are Divine Love. They are unaware that they are infinite and eternal

Believing that they are men, they also are assaulted with false ideas and confusion of the world. They see a world full of fear and revenge. They are affected by the insanity of the world. They feel the terrible sting of guilt and feel dirty and imperfect. They are totally out of touch with their true reality. They have no idea who or what they are. They fear that God doesn't love them and even is angry with them. They live most of their lives in unseen desperation; trying to cope with all of their confusing thoughts, all by themselves.

When the light of truth begins to melt away the shadows of fear and guilt, and the wisdom of perfection reassures you, that you are safe from all harm, then the romance, or love affair between sleeping Angel and Wisdom begins. This is an eternal love affair. For nothing can ever make you more happy, than understanding the truth of your glorious reality. The wisdom that enlightens you to your perfection and your divinity will always be your true Love.

You will always love the Wisdom that awakens you. Just as sleeping beauty will always love her prince that awoke her from a long deep sleep, with a tender loving kiss.

58. Since Death is Only An Illusion, Then Suicide is Meaningless

The world tells us that suicide is the wrong thing to do. The religious establishment tells us that, "If you commit suicide then you can't go to Heaven". Doctors and hospitals will try to keep your body alive, regardless of the pain and suffering, and regardless of your wishes. They will have you committed to a mental hospital, if you even mention that you are thinking about suicide. They believe that you must be crazy to want to leave the world. But, are you crazy, just because you want to be in your real home, Heaven?

The truth is: There is no death. Therefore suicide affects nothing. The body is not the real you, but only an illusion of unreality. The spirit cannot die. Suicide is not death or murder. There is no death or murder.

Suicide is just another way to awaken from the unreality of the world. What does it matter if you awaken due to: cancer, old age, heart trouble, a car wreck, war, diseases, floods, storms, suicide, or a millions other ways?

Does God love you any less, because you commit suicide? Of course not, God loves you infinitely! How many brethren have grown tired of the insanity of the world, and decided to awake, by ending the apparent existence of the body? Life in the body is only an apparent existence. Our real life and eternal existence is spiritual. The physical body is not our real home.

Only the egotistical and foolish could ever condemn a person for wanting to commit suicideOnly the egotistical and foolish could ever condemn a person for wanting to commit suicide. They fear the death of the body, because they have no faith in spiritual things, and try to force their will on everyone else. They love to find fault in others. They even see fault in you for wanting to leave the world. They expect you to be content with: pain, suffering, vanity, materialism, and all the meaningless things of the world. They love the world and the things of the world, and expect everyone else to do the same. They love competition and struggles among brethren. Their egos fight each other for illusions of outward appearance and fame. To leave the world, would be to them, leaving every thing that they love. The egotistical see no gain in leaving the world, but only the loss of everything they worship.

Those who see Heaven as their true eternal home, have no regard for this world nor the things of the world. They are not afraid of the death of the body, in fact they long to leave the insanity of the world.

Having real faith in God, means that you trust God in all things, even in suicide. How could you ever believe that God does not love you, just because you have grown tired of the world and want to awaken from the unreality of the world? Surely you know that God is Love!

59. The Outward worldly personality (the ego) is sustained by false self-esteem

In this world of pretense and deception, hardly anyone knows their "real" self. Very few can see the reality of their divine love and goodness within. Very few can ignore the outward deceptions of the world's unreality and see the spiritual truth within.

The outward temporary personality (ego); which is: a shell, a defense mechanism, a pretense to please the world and cope with the world, is sustained by worldly thoughts of pride and success. In order to feel like "somebody", the outward worldly personality(ego) continuously seeks to "accomplish" things. It must cope with the pride and egos, of others, and therefore not to feel inferior, it seeks to "accomplish" something to feel good about. The world causes you to compete with your brethren for standing. You seek affection and love and praise from others, so that you won't feel like a failure, so you play the game of trying to impress the world. You feel happy if the world does not criticize you. You feel happy if you are accepted. Therefore, you do the things that the world expects you to do. The world expects you to do something with your life, that is impressive, which shows that you are not a failure. The world thinks you are a failure if you have: no money, no education, no fame, no material possessions. In order not to be a failure, you seek to acquire: money, education, fame, and material possessions. You try to please the world, and this is only so the world will leave you alone, and not hurt you or make you feel inferior. You do these things for self-defense, to protect you from the terrible pain of criticism.

A singer or musician continues to perform, to sustain the feeling of accomplishment, and thus feel loved. A rich person builds large houses and some give large sums of money to charities or organizations, to feel good about themselves, as if they have done something important, and to be loved. Everyone wants to feel as if they have accomplished something. No one wants to be judged a failure. But, what the world judges as failure is not failure, and what the world judges as success is not success.

The truth is: no one is a failure. When you are busy trying to please the world and prove that you are not a failure, then you have completely forgotten your "real" self within. You have forgotten the divine spirit of love and goodness that you are; which is eternally perfect. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You cannot fail, but you play the game of trying to prove yourself, as a self-defense mechanism, so that the world will not make you feel inferior, or imperfect.

Someday you will realize the vanity of trying to please the world, or trying to impress the world, or trying to prove yourself to the world. Someday you will believe in the eternal goodness and perfection of your spirit. Someday you will trust in the goodness of your own spirit, and no longer put up the front of an outward temporary personality(ego). Someday you will no longer fear the world, and not be afraid to let your humility and goodness shine, and you will awaken to reality.

60. Realize Your Oneness

It is an illusion to believe that you are separated from your brethren.

We are God's children, but what does it mean to be a child of God? Does it mean that we are separated from God, or individual beings?

In the world of illusions, we seem to be separate beings, with separate thoughts and separate desires, but this is only an illusion. All thoughts and all desires are your thoughts and your desires. All of your brethren are you, in other forms. God is indivisible.

When you see anyone, you are looking at your other self. They are you, but you do not know it. You are forever one, and have always been one.

When you see anyone, you are seeing yourself in another form, or another expression. But, you must realize that you are actually seeing yourself. You exist in everyone you see, as much as you exist in the form, that you think you dwell in. You think you are a body, and that you are not somebody else. This is totally false. You are not a body, and your brethren are not physical bodies. Physical things are not "real", but only illusions. Don't be deceived by illusions.


You are the spirit of Divine Love, and you have infinite expression. That's why you are wonderful. What you think is your brother, is in reality yourself.

Angels realize that they are one. They realize that they are the spirit of Divine Love. One speaks for all, and is all. Every Angel is all in one. Every expression of Divine Love, is all Love.

You are the Angel of Divine Love. Divine Love is you. Realize that you are all Love. Realize that you are everything. Realize that everything "real" is you.

The Bible tells us, "Judge not, and you will not be judged", and "condemn not and you will not be condemned". The reason is, because you are doing these things to your self. Your brother is you.

Loving your brother, is loving yourself. Can't you identify with your brethren and feel their feelings? It's when you feel your brethren's feelings, that you realize your oneness.

When you see your brother (your other self), think these thoughts, "You are me, and I am you, we are Divine Love"; think, "Now I see myself, in another expression".