Grace and virtue, combined in a form;

a vision of beauty, so tender and warm.


Created so man, would not be alone;

out of man's rib, out of man's bone.


Her secrets are hidden, so none can reveal;

what she is thinking, or how does she feel.


She wants to be loved, and with respect, to be greeted;

with full equal rights, she wants to be treated.


She'll give full devotion, to a man, whose love is real;

who pays attention to her, and how she does feel.


Sweetness and joy, to the man, will she give;

she will become, his reason to live.


A man loves a woman, because he sees within her;

all the good things, he wishes he were.


So he makes her his own, her goodness, he needs;

from him, she gets wisdom, his face, she does read.


But really, no wisdom, from him, does she see;

cause deep within, she's wiser than he.


And really no goodness, gets he, from his love;

cause his goodness is given, from his Father above.


But the magical attraction, they have for each other;

is the glue of heaven, that keeps them together.


So God bless the woman, man's partner and reason;

who bears all the children, and makes this world pleasing.


Cause without the woman, man would be all alone;

and the house that he lives in, would not be a home.


So be good to the woman, with tenderness and song;

how empty you will feel, after she's gone.


Thank God for the woman, the blessing for man;

she gives from her heart, all that she can.