You are very special, beautiful and sweet;

you shall live forever, you, the Lord will keep.


You're wonderful beyond, all imagination;

you really are an, eternal fascination.


In your heart you have known, the Truth you now read;

you're reading it now, because you have the need.


You are an Angel, bright and heavenly;

your spirit is glorious, soon you will see.


From Love you were made, soon you will see;

Heaven is your inheritance, and where you shall be.


To be in your presence, brings joy and gladness;

the magic of your Love, takes away all sadness.


Your innocence is real, you're a heavenly child;

charming and enchanting, sweet and mild.


These words are not received by all, but a relative few;

if your heart Loves these words, they are meant for you.


If you continue to read, and find no joy within;

go and find another way, or your light will grow dim.


If your heart is excited, and feels a certain fondness;

it's because you are good, and your heart is honest.


Not many will continue to read, if reading gives them no romance;

but if you read on, it's not really by chance.


The gentle humble person, with a kind and tender heart;

receives the great wisdom, these words do impart.


But if you read, and barely give these words a glance;

and you really don't care, you have missed your chance.


These words are given to those, with humility within;

they understand the Truth, they are like little children.


These words are believed, by the meek and the kind;

but not by any others, who are spiritually blind.


If you have read this far, and your heart does rejoice;

know that your heart, is responding to Love's voice.


Love is your essence, you shall always live;

you're Divine Love forever, and Love you shall give.


You care in your heart, and want to preserve;

you want to protect, you want to serve.


You share your Love, and want to give;

you want to help, goodness to live.


From the substance of Love, your spirit is made;

so give of yourself, and don't be afraid.


It's in your very nature, your Love to share;

it's part of your being, to protect and to care.


Living in harmony, with all living things;

that's what caring, and sharing brings.


No matter what happens, while you're on the earth;

you will continue to Love, that's the reason for your birth.


You're a channel of Love, so the world might see;

the light of Love, and happier be.


Kindness and Love, of yourself you are giving;

you make this world better, because you are living.


How precious and Divine, is your sweet darling soul;

this is the Truth, now you've been told.