The Lord is my Shepherd, a little lamb am I;

He provides all my needs, He holds me when I cry.


He goes before me, that He might be seen;

He helps me partake of pastures so green.


He directs my goings, to a place where I can drink;

and rest myself, by the cool river bank.


My Shepherd does Love me, and helps me to find;

pathways of beauty, so gentle and kind.


My Shepherd often looks, smiling at me;

this calms my nerves, and fills me with glee.


Sometimes I wonder, What in me does He see?;

Does He see his own image, and reflection in me?


I need to stay near, to my Shepherd so sweet;

so I won't get lost, that I, He may keep.


He'll protect me always, from all danger and harm;

and I won't be afraid, at the sound of alarm.


These things I know, because once I went astray;

I was lost and lonely, so afraid, I dare not say.


But My wonderful Shepherd, His little lost lamb, He found;

He lifted me in His arms and smiled, not making a sound.


And carried me back, to where I belong;

and I'll always stay near, My sweet Shepherd, so strong.


And I'm not afraid, cause My Shepherd is near;

His presence I feel, His voice I can hear.


He blesses me with goodness, and makes me happy and blest;

my heart is at peace, my heart is at rest.


Today He's carrying me to the altar so high, did I see a tear, did I see Him cry;

and what is that knife I see in his hand, is it meant for me, did I hear Him sigh.


He's laying me down gently, so gently, and kisses my eyes;

My sweet Shepherd adores me, cause I still hear his sighs.


I know what is happening, I'm not naive, but you see;

I trust in my Shepherd, I know He Loves me.


He told me before, there's a much better place;

he said, "Don't be afraid", just trust in his grace.


Sweet Shepherd of mine, do what you must;

with all of my soul, in You I do trust.


I won't be afraid, nor faint out of fear;

cause my Shepherd He Loves me, He Loves me Dear.


So I now close my eyes, and lay down my head;

and the altar of gold, has now become my bed.


My Dear sweet Shepherd, is caressing my side;

a peace has come over me, that I cannot describe.


It seems just a moment, has passed in my mind;

in a wonderful new place, myself, I do find.


I see glowing colors, and lambs leaping around;

everything is glowing, even the ground.


What joy and gladness, I feel in myself;

my sweet shepherd, from me, He has not left.


I feel His presence, within me, inside;

and the Love that I feel, I just cannot hide.


But a tinge of sorrow passes my eyes;

just barely remembering the sweet Shepherd's sighs.


And now I cannot recall, the long long ago;

but My Shepherd Loves me, This I truly know.