The night was thick, I thought, woe is me;

as the ship was tossed, on the angry sea.


Then I saw, the lighthouse beam;

as it pierced the night, with a silver sheen.


Lighthouse, lighthouse, with your light so bright;

thank you for guiding, our ship tonight.


Safe at last, safe at last, in the harbor at last;

now protected from the storm, all our troubles were past.


How many ships had seen the light, I wonder how many more;

had narrowly missed the jagged rocks, that rise up along the shore.


If the light had not been burning, I know where I'd be;

with my ship and shipmates, at the bottom of the sea.


Bless the man that walks the stairs, up to the lighthouse top;

and keeps the light shining, and saves mariners from the rock.


Little appreciation, does he ever know;

few come to thank him; in his home below.


Bless him for his service, bless him for his labors;

bless him for his light so bright, because he loved his neighbors.


Some men are like lighthouses, they shine very bright;

they show the way to others, who journey through the night.


The stars are like lighthouses, God has placed, on high;

to give wonderful starlight, to unseen travelers in the sky.