The Father


He sure Loves His children, and wants to preserve them, of course;

from all kinds of danger, from whatever source.


They are His beloved, it's True when I say;

each one is precious, in a wonderful way.


Each child is different, yet, the Father is in;

each precious child, and has always been.


He picks them up, whenever they fall;

He hears their voice, whenever they call.


The things that they need, He always provides;

His Love is eternal, and never subsides.


He wants His children, to be healthy and strong;

and learn the difference, between right and wrong.


And if they stumble, and fall into sin;

His goodness and Love, restores them again.


By stumbling they learn, the right way to go;

and thus, they are taught, the things they must know.


Their Father feels, in Himself, the same things;

that His children endure, even their pains.


Yet, He never leaves them, His Love is sweet and warm;

He's eternally with them, through every trial and storm.


Throughout their lives, the Father has been there;

to comfort His children, to keep in His care.


He's hardly noticed, by His children that much;

but sometimes they're aware, of His Loving touch.


He's the unseen provider, and He cannot rest;

until His children are home, happy and blest.


While they learn Wisdom, before they are done;

He plays with His children, He enjoys their fun.


The tears that they cry, while they're cutting their teeth;

touches His heart, He feels the same grief.


The tears that they cry, when they know they've done wrong;

He catches in His hand, and with them makes a song.


And the Father Himself, sings the song of their tears;

because He feels their sorrow, and He knows their fears.


The tears that they cry, when they feel all alone;

brings back to His memory, the great solitude that He's known.


The tears that they cry, when their hearts have been broken;

affects Him so much, words cannot be spoken.


Every single tear, from the brokenhearted eye;

leaves a trail on His face, and makes His heart sigh.


He feels all their sadness, their worries He knows;

He's acquainted with grief, their failures and woes.


Before He had children, He was the one and only;

and being alone, surely was lonely.


Before he had children, before His first son;

they existed within Him, spiritually one.


But in their due time, and generation;

they were brought forth, to find their station.


Before He had built, His home bright and fair;

no dwelling had He, for His children to share.


But now His bright home, expands every day;

to make room for His children, as they come back to stay.


He's eternally contented, to stand in the background;

and watch His dear children, as they play all around.


The Father has a plan, and knows everything;

someday to His home, you He will bring.


Be patient and trust, in your Father so great;

and remember He's protecting, and guarding your fate.