Suppose you had, lots of money;

if you had no Love, life would not be sunny.


Love gives you joy, every single day;

it's the reason for living, I dare to say.


Love supplies, everything you need;

a longing heart, and soul it does feed.


If you had, great riches galore;

if you had no Love, what would it be for?


Could you be happy, without Love in your soul;

to brighten your heart, as you're growing old?


Could you be happy, without Love to share;

with somebody else, and show that you care?


Could you be happy, without Love's perception;

to comfort your heart, with sweet affection.


Money can buy, material things;

but true joy and true peace, it cannot bring.


Poor people are happy, if Love's in their home;

this life is too short, to be all alone.


If you have no Love, no matter your wealth;

you'd still have no mental, or spiritual health.


Love, sweet Love, means everything to me;

it makes my heart happy, alive and free.


Love is my joy, my reason for singing;

without sweet Love, life has no meaning.


Think deeply concerning, the things you have read;

because without Love, a man would be dead.


God is Love, the scriptures do read;

that's why Love, is all that I need.