Have you ever thought about the flowers, how quickly their blossoms fade;

a few days of glory and color, of the sweetness and fragrance they made.


They burst forth into the world, to give us beauty and mirth;

and all too soon they bow their heads, and their petals fall to the earth.


But while they lived and blossomed, before their lives were done;

they laughed and displayed their magic, and had their day in the sun.


Each one a miracle of beauty, born to brighten this world;

born to bring a blessing, each one a precious pearl.


Some are destined for gardens, and others for bouquets so sweet;

and some for graveyard duty, to comfort the mourners that weep.


But no matter where you find them, by a brook, a river, or bay;

all too soon their lives are over, and they bow their heads to pray.


Some are violet and soothing, some are rosy red;

some are white as new fallen snow, all too soon they sleep in their bed.


How quickly the flower fades, here only for a moment in time;

yet for that moment they're created, to reveal something that's really sublime.


I wish there was a place, outside of space and time;

a place of perpetual existence, where flowers forever could shine.


I wish there was a garden, where each flower could dwell always;

and together radiate their colors, and give fragrance for numberless days.


I wish flowers had a heaven, where their petals would never fall;

where they could forget their fading, and their deaths they could not recall.


How quickly the flower fades, all too soon they wilt and die;

and no one seems to care, nor wishes the flowers good-bye.


Our loved ones are like flowers, they brighten our world for a while;

and all they leave are memories, and the beauty of their smile.