Happiness is based on Love,

this is absolutely True;

you cannot be happy without Love,

will now be revealed to you.


We all know that happiness,

comes from God above;

God is Love, therefore,

happiness comes from Love.


Being filled with Love,

makes you warm inside;

and you feel so contented,

when in you, Love does abide.


Love raises your consciousness,

into thoughts of giving;

of doing good to others,

and sharing the things of living.


Love protects your mind,

from hate's destructiveness;

and keeps your mind safe,

in peaceful states of bliss.


When your thoughts are of Love,

then kindness and goodness flow;

like a river from your heart,

like a fountain from your soul.


When you Truly understand,

Love's sweetness in your mind;

gentleness will then adorn you,

and you will be Truly kind.


The Peace that comes from Love,

only the Loving can know;

only they can feel,

the Peace that makes them glow.


When your mind thinks of Love,

then for others, you want to pray;

so they too will be happy,

in the sunshine of the day.


When your consciousness in Loving thoughts does dwell,

you have no fear nor guilt;

your thoughts are very compassionate,

on Mercy your thoughts are built.


And you want to forgive,

and comfort your fellow man;

to take away his sorrow,

and give him a helping hand.


When Love is in your mind,

and doing Good is your goal;

nothing can ever destroy,

the Joy in your soul.


You cannot be selfish,

with worldly thoughts of greed;

and expect to find Happiness,

or the Joy that you need.


When you understand Love,

how beautiful you'll feel;

you'll be harmless as a dove,

and radiate Goodwill.


Your thoughts will be of Mercy,

of Compassion and of Healing;

your Heart will be Forgiving,

Sensitive and Feeling.


When the Spirit of Love lives within,

Sweet things will you do;

worldly fame and admiration,

will mean nothing to you.


You won't be afraid,

of being Gentle and Kind;

the Meekness of Love will bless you,

with Happiness of mind.


You will become a channel,

of Blessing to your brothers;

Goodness and Kindness and Joy,

you will transmit to others.


When Love is your reason,

and means everything to you;

selfishness will be so foreign,

and seem so strange to you.


Love and hate are opposites,

different like night and day;

hateful men are cruel and mean,

Loving men, for others pray.


Of course you know that the hateful,

will despise you whatever you do;

because they envy your happiness,

they'll try to destroy you.


They hate the Meek and Gentle,

God they do not know;

Love is not in their hearts,

their thoughts are very low.


Their thoughts are of destruction,

and how to do bad things;

they don't care for others,

Is this not insane?


Anger and hatred consume,

and burn within the mind;

no Peace, no Joy, no Happiness,

can hateful people find.


Happiness is being filled with Love,

is True in every way;

but if you still do not believe,

Then what else can I say?


I knew that only Gentle Hearts,

would understand this passage;

worldly, selfish people,

refuse to hear Love's message.


If you receive and understand,

the Truths that you now read;

Love shall abide within your Heart,

and give you all you need.


Your thoughts will forever,

be Joyful in the sun;

you will become a channel,

of Love to everyone.


May Love forever shine from you,

like a lighthouse on a hill;

and doing Good to others,

become your only will.


May you forever dwell,

in God's Infinite Heaven above;

where God's children live together,

in the harmony of Love.