If you forgive someone,

if you are truly kind;

never bring it up again,

nor bring it to mind.


If you want to be Loved,

then forgiveness is required;

how can you hold a grudge,

and still be admired.


I know it's very difficult,

to forgive certain foes;

who have caused you much trouble,

and caused you much woe.


I know sometimes,

you want to get even;

and payback someone,

who has caused you much grieving.


But forgiveness is grand,

and it's so much more;

than trying to payback,

and even the score.


Forgiveness is good,

on Love it does hinge;

forgiving is better,

than taking revenge.


If no one ever,

forgave their brother;

then how could we get along,

in this world with one another.


Without forgiveness,

there is only conflict;

perpetual fighting,

how sick.


If I have hurt you,

in any way;

please forgive me,

this very day.


I won't remember,

the sins of someone;

I forgive,

the things they've done;


Forgiveness is something,

we all need;

to heal the wounds,

of some wrong deed.


Don't let hatred,

fill your cup;

because if you let it,

it will eat you up.


And forgiveness is good,

for him that forgives;

it removes his anger,

and lets him live.


We've all done,

things we regret;

but if you're forgiven,

you have no reason to fret.


God forgives,

everyone who asks;

and you feel much happier,

and free at last.


In order to have peace,

and good spiritual health;

you must forgive everyone,

even yourself.