Forever young, always young;

eternal youth, eternal fun.

Forever young, like a child;

forever meek, forever mild.

Like a bird, to fly and soar;

in your heart, forevermore.

From the heart, of Love and Truth;

springs eternal, The fountain of youth.

Forever young, always to be;

when True Love, abides in thee.

Forever young, far from fears;

Forever young, far from tears.

Forever young, I want to be;

Forever young, young and free.

I shall march, to a distant drum;

Forever young, Forever young.

I want to see, and feel the sun;

Forever young, Forever young.

I want God's Love, to flow from me;

Forever young, Forever young.

Every song I've heard, every song I've sung;

makes me feel, Forever young.

I want to live, I want to sing;

and feel the warmth, of eternal spring.

I want to fly, in a distant sky;

that can't be seen, with the human eye.

Forever young, Oh please, Oh please;

let me be, let me be.