It was sad that day, the dear child was so sweet,

the mother bent over and cried;

the father's eyes were swollen and weary,

for their precious baby had died.


Never was grief, as heavy as this,

the saddest thing that I'll ever see;

the sound of their sighing, seemed to linger forever,

like wind blowing through a tree.


Many tried to comfort the parents,

they tried in their own awkward way;

each took their turn, at the art of consoling,

most had something to say.


The first said , "I'm truly sorry,

I'm sorry this happened to you;

but please go on with your life,

that's all that you can do".


The second said, "You'll see again,

the child in heaven some day;

so don't worry about the future,

let God have his way".


The third was very religious,

and was used to finding fault;

the third saw sin in everything,

this is what the third had been taught.


The third said, "God has taken the child,

for the sins that you have done;

so get on your knees and repent of the sin,

and be glad He only took one".


The parents really heard not these words,

their thoughts were removed that day;

their thoughts were on that sweet precious lamb,

that had just passed away.


The fourth came, and said not a word,

but looked on the parents, with mist in his eyes;

and he said a silent prayer to God,

for he could still hear those lingering sighs.


When a man is in, the world's deepest sorrow,

and his heart has been broken;

when the spirit within, a person is weeping,

what words can really be spoken.


Can words bring back that precious lamb,

or console the mother that's weeping;

just yesterday, your arms held that dear child,

can words mend the heart that is bleeding,


Sometimes compassion, is best shown to a friend,

without speaking, or making a sound;

knowing a friend is standing silently by,

is the most comfort, that can really be found.