A guardian Angel,

it seems to me;

is more than just,

a fantasy;


Cause Angels are definitely,

needed down here;

to comfort little children,

and relieve their fear.


Many people have seen,

Angels of light;

even by children,

asleep at night.


And just because,

you doubt in your mind;

doesn't mean they're not real,

nothing of the kind.


And just because,

the vision you've missed;

is no proof,

they don't exist.


Maybe they only,

come into view;

in special situations,

seen by a few.


Maybe if you doubt,

you will never;

see an Angel,

forever and ever.


I suspect that doubt,

is like a cloud;

obscuring from vision,

what the mind can't allow.


Once long ago,

on a night so fair;

I saw an Angel,

suspended in air.


So strange was my feeling,

the Angel to see;

and what's more amazing,

he looked a lot like me.


The Angels truly,

are not little elves;

but spiritual beings,

maybe our own higher selves.


What I'm trying to say,

if you can hear it;

is an Angel is really,

your own spirit.


I truly believe,

that Angels are real;

as you and I,

that's just the way I feel.


My beliefs in Angels,

to you, I cannot loan;

cause a man's beliefs,

are really his own.