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Is promethazine codeine sold over the counter without a doctor's prescription is the real-life version of TV show "Breaking Bad." In the program, a former chemistry professor turned DEA drug kingpin turns his back on the lucrative drug trade to spend his remaining years teaching the next generation of chemistry. But in real life, it's far worse. the real-life version of "Maze Runner" books. On any given day here, an average of more than 100 people take the same codeine pain medication, called promethazine codeine, to ease their pain. A small handful of those patients are doctors and nurses from various departments. They're also known by code names: Badgerman, Clipper, Bumble, Taffy, Toots, Twinkles, Jodi, Sniff-a, and Zing-toe. But the baddest, toughest doctor in town is known as Mr. White. Last year, he racked up a staggering $10,000 worth of bills -- the total tab for 12 visits with his codeine addicts and the bills they owed him. "It's pretty bad," says Mr. White, who has helped create a program for doctors called "Codeine Therapy Group" at a hospital in nearby Dallas to help doctors stop writing codeine prescriptions. "One doctor who wrote me 60- to 70-page documents that ran more than two pages long." Mr. White, an ER doctor for about 25 years, is in full uniform, his white coat tucked into red tie. He's wearing a white lab coat and his labcoat's belt buckle hangs around his 5-foot-3-inch frame. He'll go door-to-door in Oak Cliff, looking for codeine users who aren't ready to go detox or rehab. He wants them to stop using but just stay in treatment until they can quit their prescribed opiates. It's a daunting task considering Codeine is one of the most widely prescribed drugs on the market, for an estimated 120 million Americans. is promethazine available over the counter So far, the government hasn't been able to come up with a way to combat the overuse of medicine at hands patients who abuse the drug. And government's inaction, in of itself, has led to the rise of an underground economy illegal codeine sales, where doctors sell the drug for cash. In August, a jury ruled that an